Baekhyun Giving me the Slow Jams Album I needed

This month is turning into the month of Exo. I mean we had Kyungsoo’s single released before he joined the army and now Baekhyun and soon we’ll have Chanyeol and Sehun’s album, we’ve been blessed eri!

Now since Baekhyun hasn’t gone solo before I didn’t know what to expect from his album. With each Exo member that does solo music they come out with something distinctly them. Chen is more of a ballad guy and Kyungsoo is more of an R n B guy and Tao’s got his own flavour from hard-core hip hop to soft romantic-but-not-cheesy ballads (I know there have been more solos I just chose to talk about those three). So I didn’t know what to expect because Baekhyun could have done almost all of those styles.

He didn’t however, he came out with slow jams and I’m living for it!

When I was younger I did not like slow jams much but I gained an appreciation for them and sometimes you just need to chill and this album is perfect for that.

I won’t be talking about the title track as I’ll save that for my round up at the end of the month (when I talk about the best comebacks).

On we go…

Stay Up ft. Beenzino

Stay Up is my kind of jam y’all and if you’re thinking it’s because it’s sexy then you’re 100% right. I love me a sexy jam! And Beenzino! Beenzino! I love him! I love when my favs collab.

Also I need a cha cha beat boy… I wasn’t expecting that collab either.

So the song, it’s smooth and puts me in that mood. Not in an overly sexy way but more in the romantic evening, “Girl I’m about to woo you” kind of way. And the lyrics go with that vibe.

I like how he’s not just talking about sex but making love (no sleep tonight we makin’ love until the sun shines…). From my point of view he’s talking about an emotional and physical connection because he also talks about filling her empty heart. I quite like that. It adds depth to the sexiness making the sexiness sexier… you know?

Also in Beenzino’s rap, what I got from it, was that he wanted to maintain that couple bubble. The world keeps trying to enter and destroy it, like the paparazzi but he’s like, “It’s cool, got tinted windows girl”. So even with the way the world is he’ll focus on her and he’s also telling her not to worry. I may be reaching but that’s what I got.

So this is one of my favourite songs on this album. Honestly I felt like it was over too soon.

Side note: I’m glad he can sing about these things candidly. I mean I’m 25 and he’s two years older than me, it’s about time. You might be thinking is this even an issue Gift? Yes! It is! Suju came out with Lo Siento and I remember fans being shook it was sexual and I was like, they’re all thirty and above… so yeah I’m glad Exo is stepping out.


This one is a bit different. It doesn’t fit the slow jam vibe. It’s a little more upbeat and leans more towards pop. That isn’t a bad thing necessarily. It shakes things up a little so the album isn’t monotonous (at least that’s what I guess).

The lyrics are cute but they also remind me of first time crushes. You know when you like someone so much you’re convinced you’re going to marry them and have their babies. If the person feels the same it’s cute but if they don’t it’s burdensome for them.

He’s optimistic in the song however so I’m guessing he has a chance with the “girl” the subject of the song.

Ice Queen

And we’re back to the slow jam vibe!

This song reminds me of Sky High the movie (stay with me now). So you know Warren Peace and how he’s a hot head and he doesn’t go with anyone to the dance at the end but then he meets the freeze girl and they’re both like “hey how you doing?” and hold hands and their powers neutralise each other? They’re like each other’s stabilisers. So if Warren Peace was romantic this is the type of song he’d have written. (Although it can be argued Warren Peace was low key romantic).

I really like the lyrics, they’re so cute. He’s like he’ll warm her up and she can rely on him. Even though he’s fire he’s a calming force to her. Ah, I melted.

You succeeded Baekhyun, I melted!

Yo imagine if he sang that to you, directly… *faints*


We’re back to loving all day *smirks* heh heh heh

Sorry, I’ll stop.

This one is another favourite (the last favourite being UN Village which I will talk about in the comeback post). It’s an upbeat slow jam and just vibes with me. That’s it really, I just like it.

I love his high notes too in this, ah like honey.

The lyrics are pretty straight forward, his girl be shining.


So this song has a cool beat and everything, it’s dark and sexy and would fit perfectly in the trailer or as the bgm of a movie where it starts off romantic then the dude starts acting weird and it turns out he’s creepy and suddenly you’re in a thriller and it’s a shame because the sex was good (you know those movies).

The lyrics basically fit that as well. Honestly if a guy said this to me I would be gone before he got to the chorus. Fam, I don’t play with my life!

It’s such a left turn from the tone of the earlier songs but it also makes sense as it is the bonus track and the promotion of the album has been night and day.


So those were my thoughts on Baekhyun’s first solo album ‘City Lights’. What do you think? What are your favourite songs? Let me know in the comments if you wish.

Until next time,


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