Straight Up Gem: Exo SC – Just Us 2

Ok so by now you know that I am a fan of Exo. I won’t go into my eri journey because I’ve covered that already. However for the sake of this post I would like to highlight how much I love Sehun and Chanyeol like… dude.

Chanyeol is just so talented musically. The amount of instruments he can play and his rap skills, man writes his own stuff, and his singing voice like what?!

And Sehun is so underrated it’s a crime, a crime I tell you! He is a beast dancer that makes everything look natural and effortless. He has an underrated singing voice and his raps have given me LIFE!

I really loved their song We Young (I’m not sure if I talked about it on here) back when I was trying out YouTube I also did a video on the song. I remember thinking it would have been nice if it had been an official unit and debut and if we had gotten an album.

Lo and behold my wishes came true! By the time this post is up their album will be out and I will be living.

So Just Us 2 ft. Gaeko… they worked with Gaeko on this album y’all… and he features in this song and it’s magical… Gaeko! I- I need a moment.

I’m back!

I like this song. It is exactly my vibe, my summer vibe. I always talk about songs you can listen to whilst driving and that’s because I love driving and my dream as a kid was to own a red convertible and to drive it down a sunlight road lined with palm trees (because I partly grew up in South Africa I pictured SA rather than LA) completely free in a stunning red dress. So basically a part of my mind is completely the playlist for when my dream comes true.

It’s a vibe; the whole song is a vibe!

I love how the music video is a behind the scenes video with cute animations that relate to the lyrics. It feels like they’re bringing us into their world, opening their arms to us and saying we’re going on this journey together. *smiles in eri*

I also love how the lyrics are included in the music video (if you turn on the subtitles). It’s so useful. I know, I’m learning Korean but I still have a ways to go ok! So it’s helpful. And understanding the song increased my love for it.

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s not far from the title. There are some songs that are nothing like its title and you sit there like why did you name your song that? But with this one they match.

So it’s about going on a holiday with someone and it just being the two of you and no one else, the two of you in your own little world. It’s a holiday for just the two of you and no one else.

I don’t know about you but in this day and age sometimes we go on holiday to front or when we go on holiday we’re so busy documenting it we’re not in the moment. This song is about being in the moment and truly getting down and relaxing.

I like that. If I was on a holiday with a significant other I would want that, to be absorbed in the place and the moment and each other.

And with Chanyeol’s verse it is about going on holiday without anyone knowing so that they can truly let go and relax. As travelling while being a celebrity you can’t be caught slipping. So if you truly want to relax, you gotta finesse it.

Also aren’t holidays sweeter after working hard? Or those mental break holidays? I had one after I finished university. I didn’t go anyway, I just literally enjoyed my city and my family oh and I did go back to Rwanda to visit family and to see my grandparents. To this day it is one of my best holidays.

I shall end on a section I haven’t done in a while…

Favourite lines!!! *makes hype noises*

(I’ll just write them translated already)

Let’s go anywhere, search a place that’s not on the GPS {I like travelling on the unbeaten path}

The car is low but I feel the opposite

In last night’s dream I was at the beach, I can faintly see it. {to} Tonight, we’ll be at the beach, I can faintly see it. {that’s progress I like to see}

Under the stars we shoot our own movie {*clutches chest*}

In this picturesque place fiction becomes reality, 1+1 at this very moment we are one {ain’t that romantic though… aren’t they just the perfect lines? Just me?}

The decibel of our love competes against the sound of [the] waves {*noise of intense appreciation* I just like it}

Under the cool ocean breeze, on the wide waves we surfin’ {you know I like to surf… if you don’t, I’ll insert a pic from Oz me}

When the sun sets we make a plan for tomorrow {ain’t that the dream}


So fam, check the song out. If you like chilling summer vibes, you’ll like this song.


Ps: Did you notice the snippets of What a Life?

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