Music Corner: Z.Tao – Ai

So I haven’t talked about Tao on here for a while. I have been listening to his releases (I especially liked Breaking Up but not Splitting Up, it was beautiful) but I didn’t talk about them on here because I forgot and also that was the time of my minor hiatus.

However this time I am on it! He came out with Ai on Tuesday (30/7) and it is just my speed.

I mean I love me some rap and I love Tao rapping. He was my favourite rapper in Exo and I still like him.

So about the song, I liked the beat and how there are different elements in the background just dropped in for the ears to feast on.

In the music video there are two versions of Tao, the producer and the rapper. The producer Tao is playing around with sound and having fun and that translated into the song. I feel that’s what he did in real life, minus the white cube and dove (or not). If I hadn’t seen the music video I would still have that image in my head.

Speaking of the music video I liked that whole two versions of him thing. They were different from each other but still Tao. It showed how he enjoys both elements of making music, the writing and the producing.

I also liked how it looked like he was in the musical matrix. I don’t know it gave me the matrix vibes but for music. I don’t know why but that image has been stuck in my head since I saw the mv so I’m going with it.

They played around with the graphics a lot (I enjoyed that). We saw a whole load of looks and if you’ve read my music posts before then you know I like to look at the fashion. Not that I’m into fashion but I enjoy it. Anyway, he was looking good. My favourite look was rapper Tao. His hair, make up, the simple black and shiny track suit, the fake piercings in his eyebrow (or were they real?) all that I am here for.

My favourite hair look though is the one where his hair is half white. Although I like rapper Tao’s hair a lot too. If they could somehow blend those two together we’d hit perfection.

Now for the lyrics. As you know I don’t speak Chinese so I thought I was going to have to wait to find out what the whole song meant or what he was saying. I thought he was going to talk about love because of the title but that was my guess. I was wrong… it’s not really about love… entirely.

Luckily for me PreciousZTaobar 2 translated the lyrics almost as soon as the song dropped. So it’s not about love but the opposite, like “I ain’t gonna date you. I get it you’re cute but I’m good”.

And also there’s the message of “I’ve got all these nice things and sure you’d like them too but you don’t get them by doing nothing you have to work for it”. I liked that message because it’s true. You do have to work to get what you want in life, whatever it may be, big or small.

I saw a comment that was basically only Tao would boast about being cute in a rap song and I was like, “Aha that’s true” I like that though (the commenter did too).

Also did anyone get Bleach vibes from the Love is Blue, Music is Blue and Blue is Me message? Doesn’t it remind you of this?


My screenshots… belongs to Tite Kubo
Blue is his Zangetsu!

Also what was with the rain? What did that mean if it meant anything?

So yeah if you have the same tastes in rap as me, check out the song.

Listening to it again it also gives me I’m stuck in a video game vibes. I can’t remember the movie but there’s a movie where people are inside a video game or that episode where Timmy and his friends are in a video game in Fairly Odd Parents? Tao’s song would work as a bgm if Timmy was suddenly going to drop a diss track to Vicky. Wow, I can see the music video already…

My weird mind aside, that is all,

Until next time,


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