I see beautiful people (to be read in creepy voice)

Alright so I see beauty in everything. Ok, I’m exaggerating but I do see it in most things.

I’m a writer and when I started my friends would ask me why all my characters were beautiful or why did I describe them as such. I was honestly stumped and I hadn’t realised that was what I was doing.

So then I tried to write in “ugly” characters and I honestly couldn’t! I just didn’t want that in my books, to go around calling people ugly because who am I to judge?

Also I’m a firm believer in beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So the point of view character sees their love interest as beautiful or their friends as beautiful. Someone else in the book may not agree and that is because their beauty standards are different.

And that’s the thing, it wasn’t that all my characters were beautiful but they were all perceived as beautiful by the POV character.

I’m like that in life. If I see someone who doesn’t meet my aesthetic I think about how someone else will see them. I think about the beauty that others see until I see it too.

And also don’t you think personality plays a bigger part? Yes, first impressions are generally, “This person is my kind of beautiful and that person isn’t”. But haven’t you ever gotten to know a “beautiful” person only to find out their personality is ugly and you got turned off? I have.

Roald Dahl highlighted this perfectly in one of his books, I can’t remember which one. Ever since then I was like, aha! That’s what I feel!

So yeah, I prefer to see the beauty in people rather than the ugliness. The only time I truly think of someone as ugly is when their personality is ugly.

And when people don’t have my physical preferences and I don’t know their personality I don’t think they’re ugly. They just aren’t my preference.

I don’t know if I’m making sense. For example: I have an aunt who says with assurance someone is ugly to the point where if someone else says they’re beautiful she’s like no they’re ugly. She states her opinion as fact and if that person feels down about their looks she’s like, yes because they’re ugly. She says this to me not to the person although knowing my aunt if the person asked she’d tell them because she’s very honest.

I disagree with that mind-set because beauty is different everywhere in the world. Beauty is perceived differently from person to person so to say with finality that someone is ugly just feels wrong to me.

Also people change! I have off days where I find myself not meeting my beauty standards and then I have days where I just look so hot and I’m like yes Gift! And it’s the same for people I see, people have off days and confidence can really make or break a look. So to judge someone in a moment also feels wrong to me.

I’m not saying I never do it, I have done it before and I check myself because why should I judge someone on their off day?

So yeah, those are my thoughts.

What do you think on the subject?

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