Young Justice Outsiders Season Three Finale

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about cartoons or TV on here. By the way, there will be spoilers.

Eek! So my friend has been insisting that I watch this series for years! I was reluctant as I had so much anime to finish (honestly I’m the slowest I still haven’t finished Fairy Tale) and also I have a high expectations. I mean I am a marvel stan because of xmen but I also looove DC! Yes I am one of those “I love both!” people. So there are certain characters I love and don’t want ruined and so I was scared to try it at first. But my friend insisted and he won so here I am.

I caught up with the series in record time, honestly I did it in a week, and I watched the season three finale.

First thoughts, it is so good. I’m loving how the characters are developing and how they stick to the comics but also deviate where necessary.

The journey they have been on and seeing so many characters that I love on the show. Even the minor characters have made it and it’s so much fun to see.

The show is also different in that the villains are as continuous as the heroes. They are not defeated easily. It’s a real struggle. However this is also my criticism because I am a little sick of The Light. Will they ever be defeated? I’m starting to doubt it.

You know what would be cool, if they brought back a Justice League cartoon (my love for Justice League Unlimited will never die) and showed us what the league gets up whilst the “kids” handle other stuff. I miss Justice League.

Sorry that was tangent. Yes, I like that the villains don’t get defeated easily however I am ready for us to be done with The Light and to move on to other villains. But then I asked myself, who are the other villains?

However they do manage to gain victories each season, that I am glad for. The most satisfying being season two finale where Kaldur revealed his double agent…ness. Also this season when they defeated Granny Goodness.

Ok so since Smallville I have despised this woman. Urgh, I don’t know what it is about these kinds of characters but they get on my last nerve. When Victor put a thorn in her side I was like yes! When Violet got free and defeated her I was even more like Yes!

Honestly… it was so satisfying.

But I have a question why did Savage get mad and lead the league to her? I didn’t understand that. I get that she was getting in the way of his plans but how?

Moving on did y’all notice the Legion Easter egg? I did! I’m so excited!! Honestly I love it when I spot an Easter egg and understand what it means. *sighs in satisfied nerd*. What do you think they’ll do with the Legion?

Now onto the negative, the things I didn’t like.

I thought Wally would come back but he didn’t. So he’s not trapped in the speed force? I really thought he was. I mean he died before even getting to become the fastest speedster! And those scenes with Artemis… I refused to get emotional but I did… I really did.

And also what the hell happened with Brion? Where did that come from? I thought he was becoming a better person and finally understanding what it is to be a hero and patience… I mean how much of what he did was the telepath’s doing? Was it 50/50 or 80/40… is he like Xavier where he has total control over your mind or is he only persuasive? Did it take a lot of his power or very little?

Also how did no one catch on to what he was doing, the telepath or whatever he is I mean. It was so obvious.

I was honestly shocked. I re-winded because I thought it was wrong but no he really killed the dude and then worse of all he takes the throne from his brother! I thought he was just getting revenge for his family but no he was also after the throne? How could he betray his family like that?

Or was he still mad over Tara’s almost betrayal? Was that what tipped him over the edge?

And dude how could he let the snake Jace back into his life?! I knew she was a snake and I thought we got rid of her but no she slithered back in! This is a villain we can do without. Give us Harley Quinn instead!

Ok I’m getting emotional. I was very disappointed in Brion.

Although it was bound to happen sometime, the whole killing a villain thing, I just though Jason was going to be the one to do it first. And that’s another thing if they go the traditional route with Jason Todd he is going to have a hard time.

But I am excited for Jason Todd. I have gained a love for the bat fam and I would love to see more of them. I love Tim Drake and I’m very curious about Orphan. Urgh there are just so many plots yet to be explored.

I also love what they’ve done with Cyborg and Beast Boy. They’re still light and friendly but we get to see their serious sides as well. We also get to see Garfield’s leadership skills. I know he got to do it in the Teen Titans movie I think but this is the first time he’s done it over a series and I loved it. Go Garfield!

I’m also learning about heroes I did not know before like Ed Dorado, I love him by the way. He’s shaping up to be an interesting character. May he have more plot next season… eek!

So yeah those are my thoughts. I still have many whizzing around in my head that I haven’t written. I may have to re watch a couple of episodes too.

I can’t wait for season four that is all I’ll say.

What are your thoughts? What do you think about Brion? What are you most looking forward to in season four? What didn’t you like this season?

Side note: I am also looking forward to relationships developing more. I don’t want to jinx it with some so I won’t say more until season four comes out. Also I’d like to know more about Kaldur’s relationship. I feel like we’ve gotten to know the core ships really well but the new ones kind of got neglected.

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