Loving Chaka Khan

I know a lot of songs without knowing who sang the songs. I blame my aunty as she used to play music for me when I was very little and we would dance around to them.

So an artist that I know but I didn’t know that I knew was Chaka Khan. I love her. She just gives me the 70’s vibes that I crave.

I love funk, disco and everything that came out of the 70’s. I mean I think it’s pretty clear that I love music on this blog but I don’t think I’ve talked about how much I love music from the 70’s.

Whenever I tell people in real life I always get disappointed because they always react like “Urgh, the 80’s were better” and I’m like… wow you can’t life both? Also does no one prefer the 70’s? It may just be my friends… I think it’s my friends.

Anyway I love the happiness that her songs bring. They’re filled with joy and laughter… honestly I dare you to listen to her songs and not want to move.

I have two posts on my joyful playlist, songs that bring me joy and if I were to do a third instalment Chaka Khan would be all over it.

A prime example of a song that gives me joy is Ain’t Nobody.

I am not in love with anyone right now romantically nor do I have someone but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the song. She conveys the emotions so well in the song, the joy and wonder of a new love.

Honestly if someone was to sing this song to me I’d know they were truly the one for me.

Then there is I’m Every Woman.

Did you know that this song was originally sung by Chaka Khan and then Whitney Houston covered it? I didn’t but I noticed that Whitney referred to Chaka Khan in her cover and so I was like *thinking face* is this a cover? One YouTube search later and viola I found the original.

I love both versions as I feel they both bring their own flavour and they both own the song. But you can’t talk about the song without giving props to Chaka Khan. It’s just so effortless how she sings and how she suits the genre of music.

I love how empowering the song is, she is every woman! You are every woman! Every woman that you want to be. There are no limits on us.

It gets me lip syncing like crazy and when I’m home alone, singing along with reckless abandon. Urgh I love this song.

A more modern one is Like Sugar which I discovered recently. I love the music video and how they played around with the effects and the dancers how they highlighted them. I’m mad it took me so long to listen to this song.

Yes, Chaka Khan is still out here making music. It’s exactly my style. If you’re like me and love funk then you’ll love this song. I mean if you love dancing then this is the song for you.

I love how a lot of the song is playing around with the instrumentals allowing you to play around and to dance.

Then there’s Hello Happiness from this year. The music video is a journey I’ll say that right now. It all revolves around a phone box and there are plot twists all around. I love how the music video also has the 70’s aesthetic.

I like the lyrics as well as I relate 100%. Music does elevate my mood and I do dance away my blues. I mean that’s how I got on my Chaka Khan kick and it led to this post, I was dancing away my blues.

Ooh then there is I Love Myself featuring B Slade. It’s so empowering and beautiful. I feel like I’m watching her love letter to herself when I watch the music video.

I love how she celebrates her beginning and where she is now. She celebrates the journey and lets it be known that she worked her way to this self-love perfection.

It’s a beautiful song. I definitely recommend that you check it out.

To end it let’s take it back again with Clouds. This one was love on first listen. I just love its groove! I like the metaphor and the guitar, the beat, everything! And of course her vocals kill!

Just, I’m loving Chaka Khan.

I now know what I want for my birthday, someone get me Chaka Khan’s whole discography! She can do ballads, empowerment and dance music. She has what I need. Her music hits the spot.

*goes back to listen to Clouds again*

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