Content Being a Beta

Leadership is something a lot of people want; a lot of people like being in charge and calling all the shots but not me.

I mean I like being in control of my own life but if you ask me to be a leader of something… I’ll say no.

I discovered this recently and it kind of shocked me. Most people love this position so why don’t I?

I mean if I need to of course I will take charge of a situation. The kind of leadership roles I’m talking about is like being the leader of a group or a company. The only leadership I am comfortable with is when I teach or when it comes to my books.

But with my books the only person I lead is myself, so is it a leadership role?

Shelly Laurenston has written many supernatural romance books and I love them. There is a lot of wolves hybrids in her books so a lot of alphas. One character Dee Ann prefers to be a beta rather than an alpha because as an alpha you have to deal with a lot of bullshit. You have to maintain the alpha image and honestly it just looks stressful and annoying.

I’d rather let someone else take the stress and glory whilst I just help from the background. I’d rather be the samurai than the Lord, the princess rather than the Queen.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be an omega. I’d rather just live a chill life as a beta. Even in friendship groups I’m not about that leading life nor am I about that omega life, just the chill beta life.

Having said that I still find myself in leadership roles. You can’t help it, there will be times where you’ll have to lead but for the most part I get my wish and I get to live the beta life.

(That was an accidental pun).

What do you prefer being, an alpha, beta or an omega?

(This post is random I know).

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