Forced Public Kissing

This is a troupe in most romantic movies that I never had a problem with until I started to think about. Actually it was Leap Year that got me to question the troupe.

They’re in an inn or a b n b and they’re like you have to kiss each other and if they don’t kiss then the legitimacy of their relationship is put into question.

Here’s a thought what if they don’t like public displays of affection! Why is cool to force people to kiss and since when has kissing been the end all be all proof of a legitimate relationship? If acting has taught us anything it is that it is easy to fake chemistry and just because you have good physical chemistry does not mean you have a good relationship.

It’s like in a club when a guy hits on a girl and then her and her friend pretend to be gay to get him to go away and then the guy is like prove it. And I’m like, excuse me sir why does she have to prove it? I mean they are lying but still who are you, the relationship police? What happens when they fail to prove it and the lie comes out, will you take them to relationship jail? What business is it of yours? And if someone has to lie to get you to back off doesn’t that say she’s not interested?

Anyway moving on, Leap Year got me thinking of other movies where they have to prove they’re in love by kissing (The Proposal for example). I know this is the movie’s clever way of getting would be couples to kiss and to realise their chemistry but I’d rather they just organically kissed each other.

Also isn’t it weird from the people who are watching perspective? Why do you want them to kiss in front of you? Why are you watching with such interest?

I mean I am that person who will look rather than look away if someone kisses in front of me but I don’t tell them to. I don’t demand it. It’s weird to me when people demand it of couples.

It’s the worst in Leap Year as well. They all snog their partner’s faces off in front of them and then demand they kiss. It was so awkward! I mean is that a regular occurrence at that b n b?

I’m thinking too much into it. I know it’s just a movie troupe but it’s one I don’t like.

I don’t like it in real life either where people ask couples to kiss. It’s like, but why? It’s one of the reasons I’ll probably never go to a baseball or basketball game in America.

Hmm on further thought this might tie in with my social anxiety.

Anyway, am I the only one who doesn’t like this troupe?

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