Songs That Take You Places

Ever just listened to a song and it triggers a memory or it takes you somewhere?

I have! I have so many songs like that and I shall share them with you today!


Ok the soundtrack to Avatar bangs! It is so good! I just love how the instruments can convey such emotion. It doesn’t matter if it’s love or utter sorrow it is conveyed perfectly in the music.

So with Avatar I loved it when the movie came out and I watched it twice in the cinema and then I got it on DVD. Then I didn’t watch it for a while because you know, life.

Then I would have these moments where something would happen and I would think of this musical piece but not the whole piece just one part or I would hum it. And after a while I was like, “Why is that my soundtrack to suspense or sadness? Where is this coming from?” I knew I hadn’t made it up. So I searched my brain and could think of no song where it comes from.

Until I was watching a clip of Avatar and the piece played in the background of the scene (the most memorable scene where it pops up is during the battle where Tsu’tey dies) and I was like, “Aha! It was Avatar all along.”

But I hadn’t watched Avatar in ages. Isn’t it crazy how that one part of the score just got stuck in my brain? It still baffles me to this day and if you’re wondering, yes it is still my soundtrack to suspense and sorrow.


I don’t even know what song to pick; all the songs in this film’s soundtrack take me places.

It is honestly one of the best movie soundtracks in my opinion. The songs match with the mood of the movie and they match with each moment and with the road trip at the end.

This is also the film that introduced me to Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The one song that sticks out to me as the most emotional is My Father’s Gun by Elton John that plays when Drew finally feels the grief of losing his father. Oh it gets to me every time. It is beautiful.

Phat Girls

Ok yes all these songs are from movies.

And the one from this movie is African Queen.

This one doesn’t really take me to an emotion but rather to a time. To the early 2000’s when me and my friends watched this movie and African Queen got so popular and everyone loved it and then at every African wedding it was played (it felt like) until it became really cheesy.

Now I can’t listen to it without being taken to that time and thinking of that cheese.

A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story is like Elizabethtown in that the whole soundtrack makes me feel some type of way. I’ve watched this movie so many times, I loved it! I still love it and so the songs make me either think of the movie or think of romance.

Best Day of My Life by Jesse McCartney, Crash World by Hilary Duff, Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World and I’ll Be by Edwin McCain are some of my favourites. I’ll Be and Hear You Me get to me the most. They’re just urgh perfect.

When Hear You Me came on, on the radio I was happy because I like the song because I associate it with a happy memory (from the movie) but I remember the person I was with was like, “But this song is depressing how can you like it?” And I was like, “huh… interesting”… because I’d never thought of it as depressing. Isn’t that interesting that because the song came on when they were kissing and finally got together I think of it in a positive light whilst my friend thought of it as sad and depressing?

This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole

I swear this song represents the whole of the 2000’s for me, especially when it comes to movies. The amount of films that have had this song!

I mean it is a good and just captures joy and optimism. How can you listen to this song and feel sad? It’s impossible I tell you, impossible!

Celine Dion

Her songs make me cry. All of them except the Titanic song.

Listening to her songs take me back to me leaving Rwanda and coming here. They act as a bridge connecting me and Rwanda.

I listened to a lot of Celine Dion and Shania Twain when I lived there and so their songs take me back to that time.

And once I was in a coach leaving Rwanda as we’d come back to visit but our flight was leaving from Uganda so we had to take a coach to Uganda and it was a whole big thing and then guess who started playing? Ms Celine Dion!

I cried. I’m not afraid to admit that.


Anyway those are my songs that take me places. What are yours?

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