Infatuation: Is it romantic?

This is another x-men inspired post.

So Jean Grey and Logan a.k.a. the Wolverine, they have this thing going on in the franchise and I want to talk about it. As I said last week I recently re watched the first X-Men movie and it got me thinking about a lot of things.

Their beginning is like so lacklustre.

For one he wakes up paranoid. I mean who wouldn’t given his history and how the last thing he remembers is Sabretooth knocking him clean out. That part made sense, him being paranoid and going on the attack.

Then when things are cleared he’s like, “Sorry ma’am and dang you’re cute!” I got that part. But then why does he immediately hate Cyclops?

I mean you just met the dude and he was polite to you… I mean…

If this is a comic book thing I feel like they should have led up to it instead of deciding on the jump that they hate each other. I mean Wolverine can’t read minds so he doesn’t know what Scott’s personality is like. Like how I don’t believe in love at first sight I don’t believe in hate at first sight.

And then from then on the main source of their conflict is Jean… Jean! Does Logan even know her? All he knows is she’s cute and a mutant.

I mean the first movie ends with him pissing off to Alkaline Lake and then the second movie starts with him coming back… and I’m supposed to believe he’s in love with Jean when he’s barely spent any time with her?!

Think about it, the first movie their meeting happens in the space of a day or so and it’s all drama and there’s the whole save Rogue thing and then Logan leaves. Then the second movie he comes back and again they leave on a mission and the school gets attacked and then they have to save everyone.

And Logan is sitting there love sick for a chick he doesn’t even know!

As a kid this did not bother me much… I mean I didn’t like it but I wasn’t mad at it. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten madder. Why is he in love with her? Why is Scott the enemy? Why doesn’t she ever just set Logan straight?

Why do they make Logan into a love sick puppy?

In the cartoons he was not that bad. I mean he was still grumpy but he was not love sick over Jean.

The love triangle just felt so forced and awful.

And then the third movie happens and Scott is sad and Logan’s mad and… it pissed me off that movie so let’s not go there.

I feel like we didn’t even get to know Scott. I mean he’s a great fighter, he has this romance with Jean and he’s a member of the x-men and an important one. I mean that scene when he took on those guards to save Xavier in X2 only to be taken out by Lady Deathstrike. If she didn’t have regenerative powers (and as she was under mind control) Scott would have won! But it’s just a moment that we don’t get to see again.

Scott was badass! But he got stuck in a sucky love triangle story.

My beef is with romanticising infatuation. It’s not love that Logan feels but infatuation and lust but that is what is romanticised in romance movies to the point we begin to think, “Ah this is right”.

But it’s not right! It’s unhealthy and it’s not real love. I mean what if Jean had left Scott and then gone with Logan. And then they started living together but get this Jean hates camping, and Logan hates suburban life. Oh and get this they realise they’re not that into each other and once the lust wares off it’s like, “Who are you and why did I pick you?”

This is why lust at first sight and infatuation at love sight stories suck. They never show you the after, the reality. Although Rebel Wilson did make a movie that parodies the troupes of romance movies… hmm I need to watch it.

Anyway, do you agree or do you think they were totally in love and I’m tripping and there’s nothing wrong with falling in love with someone you don’t know at all?

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