Belated Gem: Bang Yongguk – Orange Drive

Hello and welcome back to another music post. I’m trying to post specific topics on specific days and Wednesday is music day!

Anyway, it’s not so much that this song is late (referring to the title) but more I’m writing about it late. I was going to include it in my August kpop blog post but I decided not to do it as I wasn’t feeling many of the songs in August and honestly this song is the only one I truly vibed with.

I was going to just leave it and not talk about it but I really think it’s a good song.

I love the message of self-love. When I was listening to the song I felt like he was uplifting the listener with his words of positivity. It was just so nice to get this song from him as, as an artist and member of b.a.p he’s gone through a lot and to see him come out of that and make a song about being positive and loving yourself, it’s inspiring.

I feel that because he’s gone through hard times he’s able to make such music. When you haven’t gone through hard times it’s hard to relate to people who have. So using personal experience he’s helping others and I admire that. Although this is just my interpretation.

I also felt like the message wasn’t just for us but for himself too. It felt like he was talking to himself and affirming himself. He doesn’t need to look for affirmation from others as he’s his own cheerleader.

With lyrics like:

I’m still loving myself and I still have dreams within me… bruh! Bruh! Such good lines.

Honestly I was just so happy listening to this song. He looked happy and at peace… content really. He was declaring his dreams and accomplishments with confidence… I loved that. I love seeing him succeeding and claiming his blessings.

Also I liked the melody, the saxophone was the highlight for me, and I loved the cinematography. The vast expanse of the ocean, the sunset, the car and him fiercely singing/rapping… it was a vibe. And then the imagery of the aurora!! He made me want to dive into the screen!

As you know he’s going to the military or he’s gone to the military and so this was a goodbye song of sorts like D.O’s song. It was the perfect goodbye song and I look forward to when he comes back and the new messages through song that he will share.

He’s a socially aware artist and his songs always have meaning so honestly I always enjoy just listening and reading (as I’m still not fluent in Korean) his thoughts through his lyrics.

What did you think?

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