My Laidback Hair Routine!

This is just for those who ask me what I do to my hair. It’s easier to put it all here.

So I prefer the laidback approach. I wouldn’t say it’s lazy as if you want your hair to be hydrated then you have to put in some effort but I don’t go above and beyond because I don’t have time for that. So yeah laidback is the best way to describe my routine.

  1. I start by sectioning my hair into four and stepping into the shower. It is easier to wash my hair in the shower than to do it bent over and it saves my back so … yay!
  2. I start at the front and wash one section, the left or the right first you decide, it doesn’t matter. I use argon oil shampoo from Holland & Barret and I concentrate the shampoo on my scalp as my scalp needs it and it’s so refreshing. I love that shampoo.
  3. After I feel my scalp is good I lightly detangle my hair. I just get the big tangles out so I can run my fingers through.
  4. I then wash out the shampoo and add conditioner to that section. I then clamp that section away and move on to the other section at the front of my head. So I go from front to back.
  5. It should be noted that when I’m applying shampoo, detangling or applying conditioner the water is off (save water folks).
  6. Then I wash my body.
  7. When I’m out of the shower and have dressed and all that jazz I put a plastic bag on my head and tie it and then recently I’ve taken to wrapping a towel around my head. I did it at first because water was dripping and it was annoying but when I took the towel and bag off my hair was warm and so soft. Soo if you want to save money and can’t get those fancy caps just go for the towel.
  8. After my hair has had enough time I take off the towel and bag and I comb each section one by one with a wide tooth comb. I start at the ends and work my way up. If the sections are too big you can divide them again.
  9. I then rinse the conditioner out of my hair.
  10. I then add my leave in conditioner (Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner) to dripping wet hair as that is what works best for me but if not for you then you can towel dry or dry with a cotton t-shirt.
  11. I section my hair into six parts and add my cream (Cantu coconut curling cream) and oil (olive oil or whatever oil I have that works for me). You don’t have to section into six parts, again this is what works for me.
  12. Then I start from the back and I twist up each section making sure my hair isn’t tangled as I go. I work on one section at a time until I get to the front and I am done. Sometimes I do braids, other times I do three strand twists. It really depends on my mood but twists are the fastest. How big or small you make your twists is up to you.
  13. Then I go about my business and let my hair air dry. It typically takes two days to air dry. In that time I just leave it alone or I wear a scarf or a head wrap.

So that’s my hair routine. I hope that was helpful and gave you ideas.

Until next time,


Some pictures! Well two, typical twist out results:


Ignore the camera quality… my phone isn’t the best.

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