One Piece – End of Act One (950-955)

Hello, thank you for clicking on this post. This is just a friendly reminder to let you know there shall be SPOILERS in this post.

So I’m back with the next five chapters! A little late but don’t shoot me! I did actually do a video on this post as well and I was debating writing it up but then I was like, it’s nice to write so I am.

A lot happened and we are finally moving into part two or act two of the Wano Arc. So much has happened in act one and I know act two is going to be even more shocking… I don’t know if I’m ready.

It doesn’t matter if I am or not because I’m going to watch it anyway. It’s such a good manga. Urgh… but gushing aside I know I’m going to end up crying… I know Oda.

So first up what’s up with Law? A lot of people online are like, “Oh no, bad omens! He’s betrayed them!” But I don’t believe Law has. Man always has a plan and he’s more invested than the Strawhats I mean he’s been planning this for how long? It’s the sole reason man is a pirate. So I trust him, I really do. He’s resourceful and knows how to make lemonade out of lemons.

Although I wonder what he had to compromise? What did he lose? Last time he almost lost his life and his arm so… he’s not the type to sacrifice others for victory but himself.

Zoro got a new sword, ay! He lost Shusui but got Enma which is the name of the Japanese equivalent (I think) of Hades. He couldn’t go for Ame no Habakiri which slices heaven but nope he went for the one which slices hell. But then again… perhaps that is the better plan, who wants to slice heaven? …

Oops almost went on a tangent. Back to swords, it was interesting that Gyukimaru said that when Shusui was taken the sword god was angry… there’s a sword god? Can we hear more on this?

Whilst I am sad he gave up Shusui because he didn’t steal the sword, Shimotsuki Ryuma gave it to him but who’s going to believe him? Honestly the real villain is Moira for stealing from a grave but then again he did get punished in the end. Anyway whilst I was sad he had to give him up I think it was a good move in respecting the culture and land of Wano. Also Hiyori directly gave Enma to him and he has witnesses now so yay.

Enma is mad powerful. With this sword it’s going to force Zoro to improve and to get stronger and we’ll finally get some sick ass sword fights.

Listen, since Bleach is gone I’ve been missing it! I need a good sword fight! Get Killer his blades and let him join the fun too. I wonder where his weapons are. Did Kidd make them?

You see the way I go off on tangents? That’s my brain.

Speaking of Killer and Kidd questions were answered for me. Hawkins’ explanation helped me to make sense of things. I’d been hating on him when I should have been hating on the spineless two faced Apoo… I mean really dude? Really?

It’s crazy to think that Kidd and Killer were the only ones to stand up to Kaido (although the way Hawkins is so logical and reads omens it makes sense that he obeyed Kaido). It makes what happened to Killer even more horrible. I imagine when Kidd was so utterly defeated and imprisoned he was just doing his best to get by because his hope had been crushed or he was doing his best to get by until he could free his captain or both. Which begs the question, what condition are his crew in? Also what happened to Hawkins’ crew?

Side note: the Kidd pirates are very close. Killer isn’t just his first mate but his partner. It’s interesting that such a ruthless crew has that connection. He reminds of Luffy in how he sees them as friends and not as subordinates.

The Big Mom/Kaido alliance annoys me but you know it makes for a fun (nerve wrecking) fight. I’m not a fan of oversized villains. I think it’s a little boring so I’m not into Kaido. Doflamingo really got me thinking and he was so sinister but… Kaido… he’s a little bit of a caricature.

And with Big Mom I’m interested in her history. How did she become evil? What changed her? What was she like when she was ‘crewmates with Kaido’? We’ve barely scratched the surface on her so… I’m curious.

Big Mom expressed interest in one of Kaido’s henchmen Sharra. He’s interesting, what is he? What special race is he that he’s the only one Big Mom doesn’t have and the only one remaining of his race? Kaido likes to collect strong people right, so hmmm *strokes chin*.

Also what were those monsters? (If they were indeed monsters). What is Kaido?

So it seems I still have questions in my mind.

Now on to Gyukimaru. This storyline warmed my heart. I mean Onimaru carried on Kawamatsu’s mission so earnestly and was so glad he was ok. He’s just… *gets hit by feels*. I hope they actually get to reunite in act two.

I love how Oda is incorporating Japanese mythology and things from the Edo era of Japan. I am a history and mythology/folklore nerd… I love learning this stuff and reading about it so I’m thoroughly enjoying this arc.

So my questions to you are: how do you think their plan will go? Who is the mole that told Orochi their plans? (Although everyone in Wano is so dead inside they don’t believe they will be saved) and where is Kyoshiro?

I honestly think there is so much more to him. He reminds me of Gin. Hmm Gin…

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