Twice – Feel Special

I think I’m becoming a Twice fan, a Once if you will. Their past two comebacks I have been digging! No three comebacks because I loved Dance the Night Away.

So the song, to me it sounds like a club beat but a fun club beat. I hate club music but there are gems within that genre. Or rather it’s a good techno dance song. Either way it’s the kind that I like. From the moment the song started I was feeling it. Honestly, I liked the song straight away.

As for the lyrics, I like that they are meaningful. I feel they will especially speak to our digital generation. I mean when we spend a lot of time on the internet we are bound to come across words that hurt us or a troll or to just feel alone and unaccomplished. Having said that you can feel alone even if you have no social media account, you can feel like nobody by simply living in this world.

So with this song they are talking to the person who makes them feel like somebody, to the person who affirms and builds them. This person makes them feel special.

I need that friend. Ok I do have a friend like that and I am thankful to them and I hope I am this person to someone too.

Also sometimes you’re that person to yourself, as in the music video Jeongyeon is that person to herself.

It’s such a nice uplifting song that talks about the real mental battles that we have to go through.

In the music video I like how each character had an anti. And by anti I don’t mean an anti-fan but rather someone who cancels them out or cancels out the negativity they are feeling. It’s like when they have reached the pit of despair there is someone there who sees them, who lifts them up and affirms them.

It’s a nice concept, it fits with the lyrics and it passes on the message that even when you’re alone and feel invisible you’re not. I felt that the most with Sana and Dahyun’s pairing.

All in all it’s a bomb comeback and I am very happy with it. What do you think?

I shall end with my favourite line in the song (one of anyway):

I feel loved, I feel so special.

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