Chill Kpop Playlist

I’ve done joyful playlists but what about when you want to chill and unwind from a busy and draining day? Then you need a chill playlist and here are my recommendations.

2pm – Nobody Else

This song is sexy. It is my kind of sexy. I have talked about it on here before so check out that blog post.

The reason I put it on here is because it’s a sultry song and somehow I like listening to sultry songs when I’m feeling chill? Yeah, I do.

If you’re like me then check this song out. 2pm has some low key gems on the b side of their albums.

Miss A – Tonight

This song is just perfect for sleeping. It’s not that it’s boring but soothing. It is so soothing and chill, hence why it’s on this playlist.

I love this song. I love the grown lady smooth sound. I’m so sad Miss A is gone because if they made an album of chill songs I would buy it! They have that sound that works with the genre.

They know how to be hype but they also know how to tone it down.

Urgh great song.

Red Velvet – Little Little

I said I can only have one Red Velvet song in this post and I have stuck to that declaration!

Red Velvet as a group has two concepts, the red which is the hype side and the velvet which is the smooth side. So really in essence all of their velvet songs could be put on a chill playlist. It’s just a question of which one you love the most.

I was going to go with Kingdom Come because that song is the best but I wanted to shine a light on Little Little. It is a gem, a classic slow jam with sweet vocals.

It has a light beat that has you two stepping or swaying and just the harmonies… it’s perfect for my chill playlist. In fact when I’m in a velvet Red Velvet mood I start off with this song.

B1A4 – Baby

Ah one of my all-time favourite kpop bands. They were so good! This album, Who Am I that this song comes from is one of my favourites. To be honest I could listen to this whole album and feel chill. Also the Solo Day album… so good!

This song though Baby, it’s such a chill song, the chillest on the album after Lonely. Their soft singing, Baro’s soft rapping and the soft beat got to me first and the way they express their emotion as they sing to the point where I can feel it… um! Yes! That got to me second.

And that guitar riff. That guitar really completed the song and took it higher.

Non Kpop Bonus:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

Classic rock is the best to chill to. Obviously there are songs to party to within the genre but they also have great songs to just chill to.

I love this song and this might be cliché because many people love this song but it’s so good! It’s calm, joyful and has sick guitar solos.

I don’t know what it is that I find so peaceful about this song but I like to listen to it when I’m alone, about to sleep or when I’m chilling with my friend who also loves this genre. We had such a good playlist of soft classic rock she fell asleep. If that’s not a testament of how peaceful classic rock can be then I don’t know what is.

Or perhaps we’re weird?

Whatever, it’s a great song and it’s long, listen to it!

Oh and side note, I don’t find it depressing. Do you?


All right that is it for this list. I shall be back with more later *wiggles eyebrows at you*

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