The Beauty of Spacing Out

I don’t believe in soul mates especially when I learnt the origin of the term. So this post isn’t about my soul mate but rather me talking about what I would love in a significant other, if I get one.

So I tend to space out or daydream. I love to daydream, most of my musings posts come from me taking time to think and ponder or from a random thought. However I don’t always get the chance to do that, especially around certain people.

There are some people that I have to be constantly on around. I have to be aware of everything and I can’t do anything wrong otherwise they will just be on my case and berate me and honestly after a while it’s tiring and hurtful so to avoid those encounters I stay on it. I stay alert. And when I do something new wrong I take note and add it to my list of things I have to be alert about.

I feel like this is taking a toll on me somehow. I feel like my brain is foggy and just tired all the time. So I miss the days where my actions weren’t judged and I could comfortably space out from time to time.

This got me thinking of Tohru and how in the manga there’s a moment where Kyo tells her off for spacing out because dudes will take advantage of her (which he stopped from happening) so he tells her to be alert and Tohru takes that on board straight away. However Kyo is then like, “But not in front of me, with me around you can space out as much as you like”.

I never thought too deeply about that moment when I was younger other than thinking it was cute but now I’m like wow, he really just didn’t mind her spacing out. He let her be herself at all times. She was safe to be herself around him.

I would love that in a significant other. I would also love this in my friends too as there are friends who don’t understand me and I end up being misunderstood.

So yeah, if I ever find my Kyo I’ll be very delighted. Or my Hatsuharu… man I loved him.

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