Elizabethtown – How to deal with failure

Sadness is easier because it’s surrender

So I love this movie, this isn’t news and I was re watching it recently and the message really hit home for me.

Have you ever had that? Where you watch something that you watched when you were younger again as an adult and have gone through some things and you realise, oh wait… I get it now!

I had that with Friends. When I watched Monica’s struggles on the job front I sat there like, “I understand girl! The struggle is real!” It also made me feel better. When you see all your friends succeeding at like twenty two it’s daunting. I mean I’m happy for them but then I feel like a failure.

That brings us nicely to this post. So it is ok to fail. Everyone at some point fails in life. I mean let’s go back to Friends. Chandler hates his job but decides to stay with it because it’s secure (I get that) but in his thirties he wants something more fulfilling and he takes that risk of quitting his job and going for it. It’s a struggle for him finding a new path in life and this is the story of many older people. Whilst some people don’t struggle in their twenties they may struggle in their thirties, forties or fifties.

The problem is we don’t talk about when we fail because we don’t want the pity or the judgement. However if we talked about it more perhaps the judgement would lessen? Sally can’t shame you when we’ve all been through it, when Sally herself has been through it too. Do you get me?

So watching Elizabethtown you watch Claire teach Drew how to deal with failure, especially on the road trip.

He was so despondent he was going to kill himself after he failed at his job and got fired but Claire reached out to him and just… she touched him.

Honestly you never know how your act of kindness can affect someone’s life for good.

Elizabethtown is a movie that the more I watch it the more I learn and relate to. There is so much to unpack but I just wanted to talk about that part for a second.

So if you’re reading this and you’re failing, it’s ok. We all fail, it’s natural, what is important is what you do next.

They included the quote above in the movie and it resonated with me. Surrender is so much easier as the other option is to fight. If you don’t have it in you to fight anymore like, me this year, then seek help. You are not alone.

Anyway, I thought I’d just share that. I hope this post was helpful or at least got you thinking.

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