Hidden Gem: Yubin – Thank You So Much

Ok I need more kpop friends (I currently have none) because I have been missing gems! GEMS!

I mean why didn’t anyone tell me about Yubin’s awesome singles? I finally heard about them this year and I’ve been awaiting a comeback. Then YouTube suggested this song (because my FBI agent has been paying attention… although I’m British so who’s watching us?) and (heh) I was so excited. The reason I laugh is because I genuinely thought this was the new comeback and I was so excited only to find out it’s not, it was released in 2018. I briefly want to talk about it anyway because it’s right up my alley.

It has this disco vibe that I dig right from the jump. If you don’t know by now then you haven’t been reading my music posts as I love disco music! It is one of my favourite all time genres, that and funk music. Omd it’s the fastest way to get me to dance. Also house music does it for me… I was surprised by that.

So I like the track, the beat, the melody, I like the song musically in every way! *she says as she dances around her bedroom*

I also like the music video. It’s so creative and cute. I mean her gun is a hairdryer! Who didn’t pretend their hairdryer was a gun as a kid? Not me. So I liked that touch and I liked the futuristic element of the music video.

Also Yubin serves looks. She’s a confident woman and whatever concept she’s going for she nails. I admire that. There’s something about Wonder Girls’ members and being confident. And I don’t know if you agree but confidence is sexy.

Moving on to the lyrics I like how sarcastic they are. This ex of hers is telling her about his new beau and she’s like, “*extreme side eye* Thanks, I really wanted to know that. That was vital information. I don’t know how I’ve lived without knowing about your life.”

It’s so refreshing. I mean the sad break up songs and the mad break up songs are nice but I’m here for the sarcastic songs. They make me cackle (that’s a good thing). So yeah, check out Yubin, she’s a gem.

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