Music Corner: Lizzo

I know Truth Hurts is THE popular song of Lizzo’s right now and with good reason but I wanted to talk about my personal favourite Juice.

This song is more my vibe just because. The moment I listened to it I liked it. Sometimes I have to listen to songs twice before I know if I like them but with this one I was bopping from the get go. It’s just a bop! I’m just mad I didn’t hear this song when it came out. Honestly I was sleeping on Lizzo and shame on me.

I love the different themes in the music video from the 80’s work out section, to the infomercial to the talk show bit, it’s so cute. I love how she’s enjoying herself in the music video as well. I get the impression that she really loves what she’s doing and loves what she’s singing. Also can I just say that her smile is infectious?

So in the music video she’s selling her ‘juice’ so that other people can experience it as well which leads me to the overall message of the song.

I love the message! It’s a message that is needed in this day and age when people have low self-esteem or de value themselves. Actually it’s a message needed in all days and ages, everyone needs to know this!

She basically says that she’s amazing and was born amazing and knows it and loves herself but she doesn’t stop there, no, she wants us to love ourselves too and so she’s sharing her ‘juice’.

I mean, isn’t that beautiful? She’s using her music and her voice to uplift others and I love it so much! Not many people do that. Some people prefer to stamp others down so that they’re the only star in the sky. But Lizzo is like no, we’ll be a constellation together.

Urgh, I love it!

This song oozes so much positivity that I feel better after only listening to it once, just once!

Lizzo is an artist I want to keep on succeeding, like Missy Elliot. She has range and bundles of creativity and really speaks to my generation and more. If you haven’t already I highly encourage you to check out her discography, she’s great.

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