Mental Health – Early 20’s Lessons Part 5 (Final Part)

So I have talked about friendship, relationships (romantic ones), language (achieving goals), education and now finally I shall be talking about mental health.

It is good that in recent years mental health awareness has risen. We are now more aware of the stresses in life and how it can affect our minds.

I am glad to see people more mindful and that people can actually take mental health breaks now and also get help.

I know that for the first part of my early 20’s like 20-22 I had no idea how much the stress of adulting had affected me. I just kept on going with the determination my ancestors passed down to me. However it took one thing going wrong for me to crumble. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Now I am learning to pick myself up in a healthier way and I’ve learnt not to ignore my brain when it lets me know I need a break.

So when I get stressed my eczema tends to flare up, that’s sign number one and then I get more irritable, my sleep get affected and other things. I know the signs now and so I’ve learnt to listen to them. It’s hard but the more I listen the easier it gets.

I don’t have any advice to give as this is still something I am figuring out but one thing I can say is it’s ok to take a break. I had trouble with this but it is honestly ok.

It is also ok to fail and for life to not go as planned. There isn’t one person who succeeds at everything they do their whole lives. I’ve seen adults in their 40’s failing and needing help. So don’t feel bad if you’re at that stage when you’re in your 20’s.

Also everyone’s life is different. We are all walking different paths so there is literally no point in comparing. If someone makes you feel bad for where you are in life then they don’t need to be in your life.

If you find yourself comparing or getting down when you see how amazing someone’s life is on Instagram, unfollow them! I mean Cyndi Black has some good videos about this on her channel (and also starpuppy has a good series on the difficulties of the 20’s). Cyndi just unfollowed those people and it made her feel better, if that’s what you need to do there is no shame in that.

For me Facebook started to get on my nerves. I was upset that people only cared about me online but never in real life, so guess what I deleted my Facebook. I didn’t just deactivate, I cleanly deleted my account and I feel so much better. I had withdrawal symptoms at first sure but they went away with time.

I still have other social media accounts but they don’t affect me in the same way that Facebook did.

So yeah, take care of yourself as there is no one on this planet like you and you deserve it. *sends love and warmth*

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