Let’s talk about: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation aka The Untamed


I have been getting into cdramas, Chinese dramas. I especially love the historical ones with the beautiful visuals, martial arts and long flowing hair on the men and women. I just love them. I also like the modern dramas but I haven’t come across many yet.

So because I’m into them some pop up on my suggested and The Untamed popped up randomly and I got interested. Then in the comments they talked about how good the book is and they said it was translated and they gave the link (so helpful in the comments sometimes) so I decided to read the book before watching the show and OMD maybe I shouldn’t have done that because now I low-key don’t want to watch the drama. They’ve changed so much!

I’m not talking about the censorship of the romance between Lan Zhan and Wei Ying no I mean just the general plot elements. I mean I’m glad it’s not as gory as the book but at the same time I liked how much of a puzzle the book was. It was a true mystery. Now with the show they’re giving you all the answers right off the bat and tying up stories with a neat bow.

I mean why is Xue Yang suddenly known by Wei Ying? He didn’t come until later and the same goes for Xiao Xingchen. It made more sense that way as Wei Ying did die and remain gone for sixteen years, it made sense that there were things he would not know and villains who would pop up precisely because he was not there.

And why is Jiang Yanli with them everywhere now? I feel like they’re doing that to ham up the angst for the inevitable sadness. I don’t like that. When I know you’re trying to make me cry I actively resist it. Whereas in the book I felt like it flowed better.

Urgh, so yeah I’m not sure if I want to watch the drama now but I really like the actors that they chose. They fit the roles so well!! I mean, that’s stellar casting.

And I have heard good reviews for the drama so we’ll see.

Reading the book the one thing that stuck out to me was the theme of revenge. A lot of people desired revenge on the Wen’s because they were tyrants and then Jin Guangyao desired revenge on anyone who slighted him and looked down on him and it made sense because he came from such a hard life… it’d take a big person to not want revenge (like Xiao Xingchen) and then there’s Xue Yang who wanted revenge on anyone who looked at him wrong. That old guy was horrible for crushing a child’s hand but to kill his whole clan because of it? I don’t think that’s justified. As Xiao Xingchen asked, why didn’t he just settle his beef with the actual dude and him alone? A lot of people liked Xue Yang but honestly I’ve never been happier for someone to die in a book. The revenge that Ah Qing took… I was 100% sitting there like, “You get justice! Get him!” He was so evil! What he did to Xiao Xingchen… and then people ship them? You want Xiao Xingchen to be with evil? Anyway, do you but for me it’s a no.

So yeah there is a lot of revenge and people wanting revenge on Wei Ying for what he did when he was on top. I kept reading wanting to find out what he did that was so terrible and when I found what it was that made them turn against him I was so shocked.

He stood up for the Wen’s who were not evil, for Wen Ning, Wen Qing and Wen Yuan. They didn’t do anything, well Wen Qing may have, but the rest were old or children or just people caught up in an evil family who helped the protagonists especially Wen Ning, he saved Jiang Cheng when he was captured by the Wen. I mean, did that mean nothing?

I was 100% with Wei Ying in that they were good so did they deserve to die just because they were Wen’s? They didn’t in my opinion and it’s because of this that Wei Wuxian is painted as evil? All of those people who stood for justice or claimed to were liars! Only Lan Wangji was the real one standing for Wei Ying.

It really got me thinking. What would you do in that situation? I mean not a single person saw his point? There wasn’t one other compassionate person?

For me I understand being angry but if you’ve read my books then you’ll know I’m not about revenge. It does nothing and just creates a cycle of death and anger. I don’t think it’s right to kill someone because of something their family did or their nation did. There are many people who don’t agree with their family or nation… why should they suffer? And if they actively went against their family or nation, what then?

It made more sense when Wei Ying lost control over Wen Ning and he killed Jin Zixuan but honestly as Jin Guangyao pointed out they were looking for any excuse to get rid of Wei Ying. He was too powerful for them.

The irony was he lost his golden core and so the ghost path was the only one that he could take. How sad… how… I mean… he gave up so much!

Was it inevitable? Could Wei Ying have been saved? Could he have been saved at the same time as the remaining Wen’s or was it always going to be one or the other?

If Lan Wangji had succeeded in getting his point across and hiding Wei Wuxian would things have been different?

Then there’s Jin Guangyao. This may be an unpopular opinion but if Lan Xichen had believed Nie Mingjue from the beginning they could have stopped Jin Guangyao or at least changed him. They could have done a lot more for him. But Lan Xichen kept making excuses for him and not listening to Nie Mingjue at all. Wouldn’t you trust the guy who actually saw him kill people? Don’t you find it odd that he’s always smiling and accommodating despite his hardships?

That should have been the biggest red flag. He had a hard life and a crappy father and yet he rarely showed that pain in front of people. Not once did his mask crack… he was always smiling and hospitable.

I mean it worked; people bought his act and didn’t suspect him but ooh I would suspect. I would suspect hard!

I mean I’m not saying he should have opened up to everyone but the fact that he didn’t even open up and show his anger and pain to Lan Xichen was a red flag for me.

Nie Mingjue was too aggressive and that was his downfall. He made good points but because he was always so violent people brushed it off as him being unreasonable. I felt so sorry for him. No one believed him.

But Nie Huaisang came through with vengeance for his brother, the last act of revenge. He was an even better actor than Jin Guangyao! He fooled everyone (eventually Wei Ying caught on). I mean to act stupid is always the best cover. Wow… he was diabolical and ruthless. I bet it was the sabre that tipped him off. It was mentioned earlier that Nie Mingjue’s suffered qi deviation earlier than his ancestors but Nie Huaisang knew his family’s lore and would have known something was off.

Out of all of them I would have liked to know more about Nie Huaisang and what he did. The author gave us backstory on them all but not on him. He remains a mystery and I’m just so curious.

What about Jiang Cheng? He annoyed me so much! The whole Jiang sect annoyed the hell out of me. They blamed Wei Ying for all their troubles like a bunch of bitches. I mean the Wen were coming for you anyway you dickheads! If they went for the unproblematic Lan’s then they were definitely going to come for you.

Stupid asses.

I was so mad… so mad and I’m sorry but I really disliked Jiang Cheng’s mother even though she was powerful. I disliked her completely. I also disliked Jiang Cheng but I got over it. He got better. I still think he’s too violent and doesn’t think things through and is too caught up in his emotions and pride but he’s a better person than his mom. He looks after Jin Ling and I feel he actually wanted to make up with Wei Ying. It was interesting that in their last scene together he’s more mad at the fact that Wei Ying left him when he promised to always be at his side. That’s what he was mad about… that was telling.

Another thing I wish had been in the book is a reconciliation or at least hope of one.

I mean he makes up with Jin Ling who has more reason to hate him but not Jiang Cheng?

On a good note my favourite character apart from the main two is Lan Sizhui. He is the most adorable, pure, rational… I mean I just love him! He’s the best and I hope he’s a reflection of what the cultivation world can be in the future. The fact that both main characters raised him *faints at the uwu*. He’s adorable, I’m sorry, I can’t. I love him. The actor who plays him is also the best.

Speaking of the main characters I also love them. Lan Wangji is introverted and loves deeply and consistently or rather unconditionally. His love is pure and true and reaches below the surface. The fact that he recognises and still loves Wei Ying after he comes back is a testament to that. Wei Wuxian is clueless sometimes but is also smart, kind and has a true heart of justice. He does lose his way due to despair but when he comes back he’s found his way again and it’s beautiful to see.

In the drama it’s painted as a bromance and that works too, either way their relationship works. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that they left each other at the end in the drama and Lan Wangji becomes head cultivator in the drama. Lan Wangji had no such desires and I can’t see them leaving each other even as friends. I mean Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen travelled together and they were just friends.


I went through so many emotions reading the book. It was truly a journey, a slightly scary journey at that.

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