Female Take Over – Kpop Update

Let’s jump right in!

Hyuna – Flower Shower

Hyuna is back! With Hyuna it’s a hit and miss in terms of her music. Sometimes I like the song and other times it’s not my cup of tea.

I saw her comeback and I was curious so I checked it out and I like it. Someone in the comments said the song and music video capture both Hyuna’s cute side and her sexy side and I agree. They really do.

I like the visuals of the music video. Honestly I love flowers and if I could I would wear flower crowns during all seasons so this music video really hit the spot for me. I was in a daze for half of it because of the flowery goodness.

What I like the most is how refreshing the song is. It’s winter where I am right now and so this song brightens up the season for me. It’s nice to hear a light song as I know the sad ballads are coming.

Yubin – 무성영화 ft. Yoon Mi Rae

Would you look at that, our two epic female rappers collaborated and released this soft ballad. They’re so versatile. They’re powerful rappers but can also sing beautifully.

The music video plays like a homage to black and white movies, the film noir yester year and so on. Those movies were kind of bittersweet. The romances didn’t always work out and this song captures that.

Yubin captures those emotions and how a romance can just fizzle out until you’re just two people silently sitting in a room.

It’s a little sad but it’s a different concept. There are a lot of songs about explosive break ups, cheating or just being sad but this one is about how they stopped talking to each other. It started off great and then it just sort of ended. It’s disappointing but it happens a lot so I feel it’s one of the more relatable break up songs.

It wasn’t what I was expecting from Yubin and so I was pleasantly surprised.

Taeyeon – Spark

Some parts of the music video gave me such anxiety. I mean I know it’s CGI but walking on a crane and then dancing?! If that was real and I was a dancer I could never.

Anyway onto the song. I like it!

I like that the message of the song is simple and consistent. That small spark within that refuses to be dosed out and that keeps you going.

I don’t know, it’s beautiful. Again it’s a song that warms up my winter blues. Hyuna is saying no matter what flowers will bloom again and Taeyeon is saying there’s a small spark within that doesn’t die. *happy sigh*

Also I really want to go to a Taeyeon concert. When she used to make vlogs I enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes action and it made me want to go to a concert really badly. This song does too because can you just imagine it sang live? It’ll sound so good live, especially if there are acapella moments *faints*. Yeah, it’s past time I went to her concert.

Brown Eyed Girls – Abandoned

The music video gives me such Tim Burton vibes it’s unreal.

There is also Wonder Woman that is more upbeat and the music video for that song is creative, colourful and unique. It’s not every day you get a Korean music video with drag queens as the brides and Brown Eyed Girls as the grooms.

Anyway back to Abandoned… it’s beautifully sad. I don’t like ballads but I have exceptions and normally it’s Chinese ballads but every now and then Western and Korean ones break through and claim my love.

The emotions in their voices, the harmony moments *satisfied noise* perfection.

(G)I-DLE – Lion

They missed the opportunity to have a whole lot of lioness imagery. I mean lionesses are badass, have you seen their muscles? Have you seen them hunt? They’re phenomenal! Lions are great with their fantastic hair but with the message they were going for lionesses would have been better.

Animal lover Gift aside let’s talk about the song.

I’m not usually into (G)I-DLE, in fact this is the first time I’m listening to their songs but I saw the suggested video and it looked interesting and I thought, “Why not?” I’m glad I clicked on it. I really like it!

I like the way the song starts with that low tone and the lone drum beat and the way the song builds especially in the second verse, oooh sis sings! And the rapping… my one complaint with rappers is that some of them don’t match the power in their lyrics or in their song. Like they may have the voice but they don’t have the stage presence or vice versa but not in (G)I-DLE nope, sis had both down! She delivered that rap!

Honestly it’s my favourite comeback so far this winter.

I also really like the visuals in the music video. That scar make up was very good and I loved the Queen energy. As I said above if they included lionesses instead of lions it would have been perfect.

I also like the part where they’re dancing bare feet still looking powerful umm! Just my cup of tea.

I look forward to more from them.


Anyway that is all for my catch up. It’s interesting I went through a dry spell and now I’m buried in releases that I like. Ah kpop…

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