Mamamoo – Hip: A Message to Haters

Sometimes I think the more haters you have the more talented you are and the nicer you are as well. Sometimes I think people like to bring down those who are successful or those who are good. It kind of reminds me of Xue Yang of a book and show I recently reviewed, he hated Xiao Xingchen because XXC “kept acting like he was better than him” and he wanted to make him as low as Xue Yang was. It’s interesting and the song made me think of that.

So yes Mamamoo’s latest song is about being Hip no matter what! If they roll out of bed looking like a cat dragged through the hedge backwards then that look will become hip or in other words cool. I think it’s a cool message and it’s their way of taking back the narrative.

Mamamoo gets criticised for their looks or their dancing in the songs and so they’re responding to that through this song.

And they’re right in that when haters hate on an outfit or them in general they create a buzz around Mamamoo and more people get to know Mamamoo and look them up for themselves and see, “Oh hey they’re not so bad” and bam they’ve got new radishes! So really the haters are helping them.

This reminds me of Tao as whenever people diss his music he’s like but you’re listening and giving me views so thanks sucker.

I find it funny honestly. When I don’t like someone or someone’s music I just don’t listen. Who has time to hate? I mean yes we all complain about something but to take the time to harass someone and to pull them down? Nah fam, I don’t want that on my conscience and with everything that’s happened with Sulli shouldn’t they, haters/netizens, be thinking about how their words affect others? It scares me how some people genuinely don’t care or learn.

Anyway, the song. I like it musically as well as lyrically. It’s sultry but an upbeat sultry. The singing isn’t as belty but just more “Hey how you doing, I’m going to sing to you now” *to be read in a New York accent for some reason*. I just liked it. It was my style.

I also liked the concept of the music video. It show casted all their possible other lives and careers and I found that interesting as I am planning to do a post on that in the future so it’s cool that they also thought about it.

Anyway those are my thoughts on the song.

Until next time,


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