Look at God

What is it in your life that makes you think God exists (if you don’t already believe it)?

I believe God exists but the way I see God is different from the way others see God. For me I see Him in nature, science and music. The music one is obvious because as my blog shows I love music and music has a great effect on me. However I feel that seeing God in science might be something some might find weird. As there are scientists who cannot believe in God because science doesn’t prove it (in their eyes). However there are scientists who believe in God more and more with each new thing they learn and discover.

It is said that Einstein believe in God but I need to find the source of that fact.

Anyway all this to say I was watching American Dad but then stumbled upon a show called The Sun, but it’s a documentary on BBC Four. I watched like one second of it and I was hooked. When I tuned in the docu was talking about how stars are formed in a nebula.

Now I didn’t carry on with physics outside of secondary school and we didn’t cover nebula so I always wondered about the science behind them and it was on my to research list. This programme has cut down on the research I’ll have to do.

I mean it’s so cool. It’s a cold cloud of hydrogen gas that gets activated by a supernova (a star dying) and that is the catalyst that starts the birth of a star as the hydrogen collide into each other getting warmer.

Our sun is made up of hydrogen.

I really feel like we should have covered this in secondary school. But I don’t blame my teacher, we didn’t get to spend much time on space and our solar system due to curriculum so we only covered the basics.

Oooh and sunspots! I finally know more about them. They’re created by the magnetic fields in the sun (they happen in pairs of opposite magnetic polarity) because of the rotation being faster at the equator than at the poles and they get wound up by the differential rotation eventually snapping and that’s when we get sun flares that happen within the sunspot region. They appear in an eleven year cycle and there was a period of time in Earth’s history where there were no sunspots and that put the Earth in a mini ice age but they don’t know why that is. The sunspots also release high amounts of UV rays, although they appear black they’re actually very bright to look at.

*takes a breath*

And did you know auroras are created by the solar flares creating space weather and hitting the Earth’s magnetic shield? I didn’t. The solar flares can mess with birds, whales and our technology (because they the satellite that affects our tech). I didn’t know birds navigated via our magnetic fields and whales beach more when solar flares hit the Earth… it’s so fascinating.

I mean can you even imagine?! I mean those who study this are probably like duh but I am experiencing very child like wonder right now.

It was also said in the programme that by harnessing the power of the sun we can help combat global warming. We can have solar power and there are experiments to recreate what happens within the sun’s core on Earth in machines and then if we can manage that on a large scale we’ll have created clean and cheap energy that doesn’t harm the environment.

It’s funny how one person looks at that and thinks, “Yes clean energy” and another thinks, “Hm a weapon.” But that’s another discussion.

I have just watched the programme and had to come on here to talk about it because wow! Look at God! I see all these intricate details and just think wow, that’s amazing. I don’t know how to explain it but I see God in the details. And you may think well why isn’t it in the bible? Imagine if God explained everything in the bible, how long would it be? It’d be huge and even more complex! I mean Christians operate on faith, we don’t know everything and if a Christian acts like they do know everything then watch out. So when I learn a new scientific thing it’s like having a question answered on how He made this or that… the details, I get to see the details and understand his work. It’s like a painter showing me exactly how he painted or a writer showing me their drafts, their notes and their whole writing process.

Anyway, that is all.

This post was for my benefit as well as yours. One day I want to come back and see what I learned on this day.

Also yay! Finally a post for my nature tag.

My next goal is to learn how to navigate by stars and also to build on this knowledge of course. Physics is cool.

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