Fitness Journey Update: At Home

I haven’t posted about my fitness journey for a looooong time and that’s because I haven’t been able to go to the gym as I’m low on funds at the moment. Now that could have squashed my fitness goals and I could have given up but not I! I did not give up.

Also when you make a habit out of something it’s very hard to stop doing it. If it’s a healthy habit that’s a good thing so in this instance I’m grateful for this habit.

I honestly do enjoy working out and keeping fit and keeping limber. I’ve noticed when I take weeks off my body just doesn’t feel right and as I sit down a lot (writing) I start to feel stiff and clicky (yeah it’s weird my joints need vitamin D as well as exercise honestly) so yeah exercise is definitely the one.

So for my home workouts they’re similar to my gym workouts just without the equipment so I have to use my body weight more. I do tricep dips, push ups, planks and other at home arm exercises I found on YouTube. My mom also has light weights and I use them for my arms doing curls and all that jazz. To feel more I do more reps. That’s for arm day, then for leg day I do squats and lunges. I’ve been deepening my squats and yo, they burn… squats the MVP of leg exercises. Lunges are also great.

Then for my core day I do core exercises I found on YouTube. I do a plank again and I also used to do yoga on core day but I’ve since separated the two. So I also have a yoga day and that’s very important for me as it stretches out all the kinks and feels so good. It also helps with the clicks.

I also do cardio by learning kpop dances because it’s fun and I don’t hate it. Exercise should be fun so I try to make my workouts fun for me. Why do we have to do workouts we hate? No, tailor your workouts to you.

It looks like I do a lot but I didn’t feel like it so I was wondering if my efforts were working. When I went to the gym and used the heavier weights I’d see results quicker and so with my home exercises I wasn’t seeing the results straight away and it was discouraging until a very important day.

My mom had just been to Costco and she needed help unloading the car. So I went to help her. She buys bottled water in bulk and they’re the big bottles so she split them up into three bags to make it easier to carry. Normally we take them one at a time as they’re heavy but this time I managed to easily carry two bags. I kept waiting to feel the regret or the burden but I didn’t.

I didn’t!

Y’all you don’t know how happy I was. I have to work on my upper body strength way more than my lower body (as I’m naturally strong in my lower body) and so to see improvement is great!

After that day I decided to pay attention to the little changes in my daily life like better posture or carrying one of the heavy pans with only one hand! It seems small but to me it’s big.

The whole reason I wanted to work out in the first place was to get stronger and it’s actually happening in a practical way. Now that I’ve seen my efforts are not in vain I’m going to work harder and hopefully I’ll make more gains.

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