EXO – Obsession Album Review

I’m a bit late but I finally got the new Exo album and listened to all the songs and got in my feels.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this album to be honest. I’m not into the whole dark side of Exo concept but I thought I should give the album a chance and I’m glad that I did.

So I’m coming to you with my favourite songs in this album.

(Btw this list isn’t ranked).

First I shall talk about Baby You Are

That guitar beat is the first thing that hit me. Yes, it was immediately my vibe. And then they’re voices… *melts into a puddle*

The song is about falling in love and the thrill of it really. And they’re sincere in their feelings. The song has a sweetness to it as well when you read the lyrics. If a guy came to me with these lyrics I would not be mad.

Kai and Suho really shone in this song. Suho just spoke to me honestly, umm so glad he got to shine in this song.

Next is Ya Ya Ya

They sampled SWV’s song You’re the One for the background of the song. It was one of the best decisions made for this album. Just when you hear the beginning with that clear strong, “You’re the one!” and the 90’s beat … oooh the nostalgia hits.

I’m not going to lie and say I was a big fan of SWV (because I wasn’t introduced to them back then) but still that sound… it sent me.

In terms of lyrics it’s a classic love song. They’re appealing to the girl trying to show they’re sincere in their affections (is that the theme of this album sincerity?) and also that they’ve become fools for love.

Honestly I got the image that if they made a music video for this song it’d be very 00’s where they’d be dance chasing a girl as they tried to holla at her.

Moving on to Butterfly Effect

If I have a favourite on this album it’s this song. I love it so much! It was love on first listen. The beat and the way that Chanyeol came in with the first line umm! *faints* It sold me.

The lyrics talk about the positive effect a person has on them, it’s like a positive butterfly effect. I also heard from other ExoL’s that this song is for ExoL’s and that’s so sweet! It adds meaning to the song and personalises it.

Excluding sasaengs Exo + ExoL’s relationship is pretty good.


Before my last favourite I’d like to briefly talk about the other songs on the album. Non Stop was lively more than I expected and gave me jazz vibes. Day After Day Sehun just shone in that song, I love his singing voice. It’s a soothing and light ballad, just beautiful. Groove be sexy and smooth, they came with their best lines. And that flute solo though! Imagine a collab with Lizzo. Kai shone again in this song too, honestly this is his album. Jekyll is sultry and I love sultry… LOVE sultry. Honestly I almost included it in my list of favs. Chanyeol’s voice sent me in this song. The song is most on concept after Obsession, added with elements of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of course. Obsession is a good title song. It’s the best for performances. I just love the beginning with Chanyeol rising up from the floor and everything Sehun and Kai did. I liked how they slowed it down in the bridge… yes! The music video is also very artful. The special effects with Suho in the bridge and Chanyeol’s fight… art!


Alright so my last favourite is Trouble! You probably guessed already though right?

In this song they’re consumed by their love. It’s a sexy song, in lyrics and vibe, and you know I need a sexy song. I am all about my sexy songs. I’m glad that as we grow Exo grows and they can execute mature themes. They grown men and it’s showing (yes).

It was another love on first listen with this song and Chen’s high note… that is it Chen’s high note!

All in all I liked the vibe of this album. It was sexy, sultry, fun and soothing. The songs flowed well together and I will be listening to this album frequently, very frequently!

So yeah those are my thoughts for this album. Which song was your favourite?

2 thoughts on “EXO – Obsession Album Review

  1. Anonymous

    I loved most of the songs on Obsession. I just wish all members had been involved. But since that can’t be helped here is a list of the ones I like
    1.Ya Ya Ya- because SWV of course. The way they just blended and the lyrics-100%
    2.Trouble- it’s everything I love about Exo
    3. Groove
    4. Non stop
    I always love everything Exo but I listen to these the most

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too, when they announced it was coming out I was sad that three wouldn’t be in it. So in a way I look at it like a unit comeback. It makes me feel better.
      Oooh nice!! And true this album was too good.


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