Charlie’s Angels Review – A New Age?

I love Charlie’s Angels! I particularly love the original series and the original movie series with Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

Despite the negativity I was excited to see this movie because it looked like fun and the reviewers sounded like haters honestly.

Now that I’ve seen it I stand by my statement it was fun and most of the reviewers were haters. It was a fun action flick I think. It had the thrill, the drama and the chase scenes. It had humour and real consequences of actions for example: the dude who wouldn’t move and got zapped and my handsome, beautiful and perfect Bosley (Djimon Hounsou)… *sigh* it’s always him.

I liked those aspects. I also liked the plot twist. I thought I had them. I thought I had figured it out but they kept redirecting me and confusing me, which I enjoyed. I didn’t want to figure it out too quickly.

Question, do the angels not work in threes anymore? Because Sabina and Jane seemed like loner agents.

Now for the things I didn’t like, Elena. I mean her character was fine but was she agent material? No. My girl failed at the field stuff and I’m supposed to believe she could take that guy at that factory when she’d been showing no fighting skills up until that point?

Also where was the lady muscle? I felt like they had one type of woman on the team. Actually I quite liked Sabina I have no complaints about her. But… I just want to see dench women, women of diverse body types in the movie. There is more than one way to fight and there are different types of female strength, I didn’t see that in the movie.

Also I didn’t like what they did with Charlie. I actually liked that Charlie was a man because it showed we can work in harmony fighting and beating people up. Also why hide it? If Charlie is dead or retired why hide the fact that someone else has taken over? Wouldn’t it be better for the message of the movie if it was out in the open? Wouldn’t that make the villain’s motive stronger?

If you’re going to go for it go all the way.

To end on a positive note I loved Elizabeth Banks’ Bosley. I would like to see more angels like her. We rarely get to see the older angels out in the field and she was just so boss. Personally I wouldn’t be mad at film that focused on her character.

Also Sabina was a treasure chest. I want to know more about her. Kristen Stewart really did a good job, I can’t say that enough. She’s on the rise.

I give it a three point five out of five.

What did you think of the movie?

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