Red Velvet – Psycho (The end of The Festival)

Yo, it’s been a while when it comes to Red Velvet. I think I didn’t talk about the last two comebacks or is it just one that I missed *thinking pose* anyway I’m back and with Psycho! *to be read in Irene’s tone at the end of the music video*

I really like this comeback. There’s something about falsettos and sultry concepts that get to me.

Wendy really shone in the music video, the song and in their vlive video that it makes me mad what happened to her. Urgh! But her hard work will shine through no matter what. I hope she recovers well and thoroughly before she comes back.

So yeah their voices hit that falsetto often and that’s my sweet spot. The harmonies were on point and the vibe sat well with me. It was a love on first listen.

I like the Gothic aesthetic of the music video. I like the outfits, set and the overall vibe of everything. If you’re going to do a concept it’s best to go all the way and really commit to it. It looks like a fun time dressing up.

Honestly it’s one of my favourite things about Red Velvet, their concepts. They’re always out there and a little weird. I’ve gotten so used to it that when they have a “normal” concept I’m thrown.

As for the lyrics it sounds like a toxic relationship. If one of my girlfriends came to me telling me about her man and she used those lyrics or the same gist I would be worried and would probably warn her off him. If she stayed with him I’d be like cool… I’ve done my best and if you’re sure you want to be in that mess I can’t stop you. So yeah the lyrics matched the title well.

Oh and I really like the dance. There are moves that just look cool, especially when done together. In particular I like the choreography in the chorus and in Wendy’s part in the second verse… it was beautiful. She was really feeling it this comeback. When a dancer not only hits the move but also feels it… that’s the one! That’s what I love!

I have also checked out the mini album. I quite like it, all the songs are good. My particular favourite is In and Out. I like the metaphor of the whole song alluding to food and baking and romance. It’s so fun! I got that love is addictive like junk food. Anyway Yeri really shone in that song for me. It really suits her voice.

So yeah that’s it for my views on Red Velvet’s last comeback of 2019!

I look forward to the new releases in the new decade…

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