Music Corner: NCT… I got sucked in

Remember how I said I wouldn’t get into NCT I was just checking out Superhuman and that was it… how many of you believed me? (If you read that post). Wow I really fooled myself *cue clown meme*.

And it happened gradually as well! I kept fighting it but no, I checked out more NCT 127 songs and I felt, “Ok it’s only 127.” Then I watched more interviews and learnt their names and then YouTube caught on and was like, “Aha, here are some meme videos that the fans make for you to watch…” and I watched them!

Of course then I was introduced to NCT Dream but I still resisted but I didn’t resist U because I was low key (high key) already into U. But with Dream they were so little. Only to find out they’re the most savage unit… how does that happen?! What new world is this? What do they feed the Dreamies?

And then WayV… *cue thinking Kermit meme* I really played myself.

So I’m into them now and I’ve listened to all their songs *holds up hands to stop further questions* yes all their songs. So here are my thoughts!

(The fact that I learned all their names and yet struggle with my mammoth of a family is something. In my defence I swear my family keeps growing… but then again so is NCT… but NCT still doesn’t outnumber my family so yes! I’m good.)

Oh sorry for my Midori moment, I’m back!

So since writing that intro I decided to do it unit by unit otherwise it’d be too long so first is NCT U because it’s the first group I got into. It was also the first to debut.

NCT U stands for Neo Culture Technology (of course) Unity. It’s a unit that is very free. It can have any NCT member and can have any concept.

I like that NCT U is free as it allows for music creativity. At first I’ll admit I wasn’t into the concept but now that all the units have come out I think it’s cool that they have one unit where anyone can join and where any song can be done.

I mean I’m looking forward to all the future possible combinations… just imagine it! *imagines*

Now on this blog I talked about 7th Sense when it came out and I still really like it. The song is just right up my alley.

Other than 7th Sense I like Baby Don’t Stop

I love my sexy songs and this song is definitely sexy from the melody to the lyrics to the dancing. It consists of Taeyong and Ten and they go so well together! They’re both sexy and flawless dancers; Ten has this nice velvet voice and Taeyong with the whisper rapping and singing oooooh yes!

I also like Boss. It’s just a fun go hard song about being a boss. I like the breakdown parts of the song, especially Jungwoo’s part. And Lucas’s rap was fire. Honestly they debuted in the best way.

Then my favourite B side track of U is Yestoday. The melody was strange at times but I didn’t hate it. It had an old school feeling which I liked and Lucas’s rap I loved. What drew me in the most about this song though was the lyrics. It was as if the song was a letter to themselves talking about the past and how they’ve changed and on the other hand it can also be looked at as them talking to a past love. Either way, I found the lyrics to be meaningful.

I was worried that U hasn’t had a comeback in a long time. But then Coming Home was released recently starring Haechan, Jaehyun, Taeil and Doyoung, so 2019 didn’t pass without an NCT U song.

What is your favourite U song?

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