Roses Living in Rain

We have like four roses in our garden and it’s always a challenge getting them to thrive. My mom and I walk past our elderly neighbours gardens envious because of their luscious roses. Although I will say last year, 2019, was our best rose year in a while.

Currently it is winter and so rose season is over right? Wrong! (I mean it is over but wrong for the purposes of this story).

I was coming back from church sometime in November and I noticed that the pink rose had a bud. I thought my eyes were tricking me so I got closer and indeed it had a bud and I was amazed! I was like, “Wow it’s a miracle!”

I’d been feeling down as winter was starting and the season of greyness was starting but seeing that rose reminded me that there is beauty to be found in every season and I saw it as God sending something to cheer me up because I love flowers.

Now I thought that was it. Because of the season I thought there was no way the bud would open but I was wrong it did! And then in December the purple rose started to bud too! And the purples also opened! For a whole month we had roses.

Now this could also be a sign of global warming which is the negative of the roses budding out of season. My mom and I also surmised it could have been because of the rain.

In England our winters are either super wet or super white (snow) and cold. This year it has been super wet. During November and December it rained almost every day and so we thought perhaps they were getting so well fed that they couldn’t help but bud.

They didn’t bud exactly as they do in season, no more than two flowers popped up but still it was a wonder.

Nature is never boring and never fails to cheer me up.

So yeah that’s my rose miracle story. It’s January now and the December roses died and I thought that was the end as it is truly cold now but then two more buds popped up on the purple rose (the pink one is done). I don’t know what’s going on but I guess rain can really be a blessing.

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