Music Corner: NCT continued… 127

Alright so last week I talked about NCT U. This week I shall be talking about NCT 127, the unit that got me into NCT. Yes, I blame them for this. I was just minding my own business when Superhuman decided to gain my attention and then of course I had to check out their other songs and… *sigh* here we are now.

Ironically they’re not the first unit I checked out. I checked out U first as mentioned in the last blog but 127 was the first to strap me down into the fandom.

I think it’s because of their hype songs. There are particular genres that are my kryptonite and hype songs are one of them.

So I checked out their albums and I’ll just go through each one and talk about my favourite songs on the album.

In NCT #127 I like Firetruck the most. That might be boring as it was their title song but it is honestly my favourite song on the album. It’s the right amount of hype that will get me swinging my braids with a nice interlude in the middle for when I need to catch my breath (and stretch my neck).

It is also their debut song… they came out strong!

Speaking of coming out strong Mad City was mad fire. Mark and Taeyong came for people’s throats and I was surprised. I quite liked it though *smirks to self* yes… yes I did.

I also like Wake Up from this album. When it started I wasn’t sure but when the beat built I was like, yes I like it. I like this type of dance music that’s fun but doesn’t do too much.

Next in their album Limitless my favourite songs are:

Limitless… again yes it was the title song but this is my favourite overall NCT 127 title song. It’s just so good!! Especially when they get to the chorus! Honestly I can’t listen to this song in a public space, I don’t behave.

I also like Back 2 U, it’s a breakup anthem and I am here for it. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the lyrics. It’s also nice to have a song where they’re not pinning after the breakup but sitting there like, “No I’m good, I’m not going back.” Yes!

Yuta and Taeil shine in that song as well, yes!

My next favourite is Angel, it’s a sweet song that I kept hearing when checking out NCT or watching NCT vids and I love it. It’s so cute and heart-warming.

Baby Don’t Like It be a hoe anthem. There, I said it! I thought people were exaggerating about the lyrics but I checked them out for myself and I was like, “*takes off glasses* They were right…” Although it is more from Taeyong’s verse. The bed springs at the end though… *chuckles*

Ooh I’m already getting hype, the next album is Cherrybomb! *swings twists*

The title song gets me mad hype. I didn’t like it at first and then one day I listened to it and I was like, “This is my ish!” I don’t know what happened but I love it now.

Other than the title song my favs on the album are Whiplash and Summer 127.

Whiplash is of course is another sexy one although the way the members described the song made me not want to put it on the sexy list. I enjoy the song anyway. I like the way they rap and in this song I vibed with Mark a lot.

Summer 127 is a summer banger and I always need one of those. It’s fun and fresh, and captures the fun of dancing with someone in the lyrics.

Next is Regular-Irregular

Within this album I liked a lot of the songs. There are the slow jams that I liked Fly Away with Me and Knock On. Then there was My Van, a raw song that was like a fever dream and was very honest. I liked it. It was different and made me think.

Then there’s Replay (pm 1:27) a chill club banger. I like my chill club bangers even though I don’t like going to the club but I love to dance so I can just put this song on in my house and party away.

And last of their Korean albums is We Are Superhuman!

I really like Highway to Heaven both versions. The Korean version is a little bit more innocent and about the journey a couple can take together, how they can soar together. The English version is sexy and I’m here for it! We need some grown songs! Yes!

I like Fool too because Johnny killed it, get it! I also thought the lyrics were cute. I mean I think we’ve all experienced what they were saying in the song where you get tongue tied in front of someone you like.

And out of their singles I liked Touch. Touch is mega cute and wholesome, I love it! It’s just the right amount of cute and Yuta really shines in this song *happy sigh* he owned this era.

They have two Japanese albums and if you are a Yuta stan and want to hear him sing more and get to know his voice I strongly recommend their Japanese albums.

From Awaken I liked Long Slow Distance as it was pretty, romantic and hopeful. I loved End to Start with its sombre melody and chill beat. I thought Mark’s voice was golden in this song. I liked how the lyrics talked about being ready for a new start and how you have to end something to start something new.

From Chain I liked Dreaming because of the beat and melody. It bangs. I also liked 100 as they were literally keeping it 100 about not needing their ex. They’re happy with the break up… hmm I’m sensing a pattern in my favs.


Phew, so that’s all NCT 127’s albums so far and the songs that I liked within them.

What are your favourites?

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