Asking too much

There is such a thing as asking too many questions or asking the same question too many times. And at some point I wonder if people are just enjoying the asking and enjoying my reaction to the question.

Let me stop being vague. I have not been rolling in money since I left university. It’s been an up and down journey consisting of me writing and self-publishing books (which set me back money wise), going to America to work on a summer camp and doing a post graduate diploma and reaching gym goals. In that time I’ve also been working agency jobs that don’t pay living wage so I can’t do most of the things people my age do like travel and eat out all the time (or at least my acquaintances).

Now a lot of people see this as a failure. And I realised this from the reactions I got when I told people what I was up when they asked. It got to the point where I would dread going certain places or talking to certain people because of that question, “What are you doing with your life? Are you still unemployed?”

It really got me down and feeling bad about myself until I realised, “Wait, I’ve only been unemployed for six months.” As I said I was signed on to agencies for a while (four years) but whenever I would tell people that they’d react badly so I stopped telling people and they assumed I was unemployed.

And it got me thinking recently, what is the point of that question? Why ask someone the same question over and over again? I can understand asking once or twice out of curiosity or because you forgot the answer from the first time but constantly asking?

Mind your business!

Now there are people that I don’t mind asking because they genuinely have my best interests at heart and want me to succeed and are cheering for me. I’m not talking about them when I write this post. I’m talking about those who come with negativity and superiority.

I don’t know how to describe it but there are people who seem to take pride in the fact that hey, at least my life isn’t as bad as hers. Those are the people I can’t stand.

So yeah basically I wish that people would mind their own business more and take their negativity elsewhere. However I know that is an impossible dream so in this New Year I endeavour to be honest. I am no longer going to spare the feelings of others in expense of my own.

If I don’t want to tell people what I’m up to, I won’t. I will live my life and they will live theirs and learn to leave me alone.

Whew that was cathartic. Is there anything you won’t stand for in this New Year?

Ooh and the Chinese New Year is coming up! Or it may have passed by the time this is posted so happy Chinese New Year.

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