Adulting Fun

There are a lot of things that suck about being an adult. We have talked about those things a lot but what about the fun things about being an adult?

For me the thing that I love the most about being an adult is being able to drive. Yo, it is so freeing!

It is especially fun when the roads are peaceful and barely any cars are around and the journey is scenic and beautiful… ah that’s the one.

Since driving in England I have noticed that the drivers are especially angry here. I don’t know what it is but people are polite and don’t jump queues when on their feet and interacting face to face but when they slide inside their vehicles their real side comes out. It’s like all the pent up anger just bursts out!

Honestly the angry jumps out of the British when driving or at least it does where I live. And there’s the queue jumping and the speeding! You’d think we were racing!

So sometimes overzealous, angry drivers can ruin the journey for me. But there’s always an incident that brings back my love for driving, like meeting a nice, friendly driver on the road or driving down a street lined with trees when their leaves are changing due to autumn. There’s always something that brings back the love.

Or sometimes all it takes is me thinking about how as a kid I always wanted to drive and I used to think it was this big impossible dream and yet now I can do it. I can drive on my own. I can take myself places, I accomplished a life goal of mine and it feels awesome!

Is there are goal you’ve completed that makes you happy? Is there something you like about being an adult?

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