Music Corner: NCT Continued… Dreamies!

We’ve reached the Dreamies!

This is the NCT group that I resisted liking the most. Why? Because they seemed so young, especially when they debuted they were fresh faced and adorable and I’m not into cute concepts, I’m not going to lie.

However when you watch NCT crack videos the Dreamies always pop up so I got curious and I checked out their videos and their songs and here we are… *sigh* I stan.

They’re actually one of the most fun units. They have explored almost all aspects of teenage life. The sweet crush phase, the angry stage and the ooh I’m almost grown stage fans are suffering through right now.

It’s cute to read the comments under the videos of fans collectively losing their minds over how the boys have grown. I felt the same way with Exo and BTS… it was weird… we grew… let me not go there lol

So, NCT Dream!

The First

This mini album consists of most of their first title songs: Chewing Gum, My First and Last and also Dunk Shot which they also prompted.

Out of the three My First and Last is my favourite. I really like the beat underlying the whole song, it’s… it’s fun and also goes off. I also like the lyrics of the song as it captures that first love feeling and the hopes that you have of it being your first and last love. For some people their first love is their last love too… it’s cute and pure.

We Young

I liked this whole mini album honestly. There’s not one song that I don’t like on here.

As for picking a favourite, that’s hard. I would probably have to say Trigger the Fever as I like those kinds of upbeat dance songs. It’s fast paced and it’s positive.

We Go Up

Again I really like all the songs on this mini album. I especially like that Jaemin comes back in this album. (He went on hiatus after Chewing Gum and before My First and Last).

I like the title songs especially Go Up.

I really like 1 2 3 just because. I have no special reason.

I love Drippin’. I actually really like the melody of the song; it just flows well and has that feel that I like. If you look at it innocently it’s about being overwhelmed with love or just filling someone with all your love. However I will admit it is hard to look at the lyrics innocently. I imagine this was the first time fans lost their minds because of the Dreamies maturing.

I also love, love Dear Dream! It’s Mark’s graduation song and I just love the raps. Mark, Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung all got whole verses and it was good. It wasn’t the go hard type of rap but the chill, let me talk to you kind of rap which I also do enjoy.

The song hits the feels. It has that sad feeling of letting someone go, a love or a friend *cough* Mark *cough* so it’s filled with meaning and memories.

We Boom

This is their latest mini album and it is the first one without Mark (he’s graduated as when a member reaches adulthood at the age of 20 they leave).

I enjoyed the title song, Boom, especially when they performed it. I remember when the song came out and everyone was going crazy for it (I was still resisting) now I see why people loved it so much. It’s good.

My favourite song on this album is 119!

I know, how shocking, you would never have guessed.

Lol, no I’m predictable. I like sexy songs ok. Someone did say (in comments on YT) that this song isn’t sexy but a horror song… like it’s about being in a thrilling horror movie. I would believe them until the bridge part of Jeno and Jaemin… fam this song is sexy!

Other than that I do like the melody and the overall vibe of the song. It had me at the first Ah Oui!


So that’s Dream. I’m not sure what their future albums will be like as it’s still unclear what will happen next with this group (note: wrote this in 20th Jan 2020). Jaemin, Haechan, Jeno and Renjun are the next ones due to graduate but they haven’t yet and 2019 is over so… we’ll see. If they do graduate Dream will be different for sure.

Either way they’re growing, becoming men and their songs and music style is growing with them.

What are your favourite Dream songs?

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