Music Corner: NCT continued… feeling WayV

This is the newest unit so far and they are a China based unit. The group consists of Winwin, Ten, Lucas, Kun, Xiaojun, Hendery and Yangyang.

This is the last NCT sub unit that I checked out and I have to say I definitely like them. They have got beautiful ballads and banging songs. They are given a lot of creative freedom and are beautiful performers.

I feel like they have nowhere to go but up. If they keep on building on this group they’ll be big.

The Vision

This consists of their debut songs. From what I’ve seen when they first came out it was a while till they got their first mini album or album and so their first songs were Chinese versions of songs already released within NCT. Apart from Dream Launch which is about reaching their goals.

Take Off

In this mini album I liked all the songs. I liked Say It and Let Me Love You the most though.

Say It is a ballad that builds and has a violin dubstep beat that was new to me. Honestly the violin was the best part.

As for lyrics I thought it was about a toxic love as it sounds like they’re trapped in a love haze in a way that’s not good.

With Let Me Love You it’s a guitar romantic song about falling in love and all that jazz. I thought this one would be fantastic sung acoustically.

Take Over the Moon

This is another good album. My favourite songs were King of Hearts, Face to Face and Love Talk.

I liked King of Hearts because of its slow jam feels. It’s mature and modern. It consists of Lucas, Winwin, Yangyang and Hendery and they really delivered on the vibe of the song.

They’re appealing to the girl who has walked away after they were ‘together’ *wiggles eyebrows* is the basic meaning I gathered. My favourite line has to be: “I can be your king of hearts”.

Face to Face consists of Ten, Kun and Xiaojun and it is a beautiful, gentle and soft ballad. It is healing and talks about how you don’t have to face strife alone. They say in the song that “We can face it together” and “I’ll help you” (general feeling not direct translation).

They say that they want you to lift your head up and that it will get better.

It’s just so soft, especially Kun’s voice.

The song is also gender neutral so it could be to anyone and as a listener it allows us to easily put ourselves into the song.

It’s beautiful.

Going in a different direction is Love Talk. I mean it’s still sung beautifully but the meaning is more on the sexy side.

There is both an English version and a Chinese version and they are both sexy! Although I do enjoy the Chinese one more but I do like the English one as I can easily understand it. Both versions have quotable lyrics.

In the Chinese version I particularly liked: “My lips are shaky. As if I was full of curiosity but faking tranquillity”… I felt that. I felt that in my soul!

They be talking about how body language is more honest than speech especially in their own case. In the English version body language is also important for when there is a language barrier.

Basically, they be thirsting.

Ten and Xiaojun really killed it in this song with the singing. I mean the way Ten came in though! Whew!

And in terms of lyrics there’s another song that I want to highlight, We Go Nanana. It’s a happy go lucky song about love and reminds me of the song sung at the end of a concert. The lyrics that I like are: “Love is an accidental meeting between happiness and beauty.”



So yeah check out WayV, they’ve got banging songs fam!

If you’ve already checked them out, which song is your favourite?

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