Studying the Face

This may be a weird trait of mine so don’t judge!

Have you ever closely looked at someone’s face? I don’t mean a stranger either but someone you know and noticed something new?

I’ve done that randomly and noticed, “Oh wow, so and so’s eyes are shaped like this or they have a crooked smile or they have a mole I’ve never noticed before.”

Or have you ever met or seen someone new and thought they had a really interesting face? Like a genuinely I could study your face for hours it’s that interesting face? Or wow I haven’t seen features like that before.

I’ve done that many times. There are some people that I see that have such strong or interesting features that I wish I was an artist. In fact one of my favourite art forms is sculpting and so I wish I was a sculptor. The way they can get rock, something solid and immoveable, to express delicate human expressions, shapes and movement *happy art noises*. It’s beautiful.

There’s a lot as well that you can tell about a person from their face. As you know you can tell a lot from looking into someone eyes but you can also tell a lot from their smiles and the typical expressions that they make.

It also made me think about beauty? What is beauty? There are so many different ways a human can be formed. There are many different kinds of faces and expressions… why are we attracted to some and not others?

For me I’m attracted to imperfection. I like seeing the blemishes, the moles that some people don’t like, freckles and dimples. Did you know that dimples are technically an imperfection?

I also like imperfect smiles. I mean I don’t hate perfect smiles but there’s something about an imperfect smile that’s more attractive to me.

For me on a human being my favourite parts are the face and hands but out of the two the face is the most interesting. There is just so much that can be conveyed and studied.

In East Asian culture, from what I’ve seen, you can also get your fortune read via your face. They can read your face and tell you your fortune. I found that cool.

Anyway I am the kind to people watch and if people had no faces people watching would be impossible (no faces, sounds like a doctor who episode *shudders*). So perhaps that’s where I started to notice the nuances…?

So yeah, that’s my weird thought. I say weird because whenever I tell someone this in person they don’t get it and think it’s weird.

Anyhow, that is all


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