Spoiling Culture

Ok this is a new pet peeve of mine although it’s not necessarily a new phenomenon and that is the spoiling culture going on in the anime/manga community.

I say culture because it’s been happening too much for it to be a one-time thing and it normally happens on YouTube.

For example I was watching this review about the anime Given and as you know most anime’s are adapted from manga so the manga is always ahead in terms of plot. The guy reviewing the anime made an observation about two characters and wondered what would happen in the future and was looking forward to finding out when the new season would be released. Plus he did not ask for a spoiler. Then in the comments all the manga readers spoilt it! Without shame! Even he was like wtf because they weren’t only spoiling it for him but for others who hadn’t read the manga.

I mean I’d read the manga but did I feel urgh to spoil? Nope!

Then recently on a Demon Slayer video I watched there was a big spoiler to do with the manga that anime watchers like myself have not gotten to. I was so mad because the spoiler didn’t have anything to do with the video or the comment thread it was on and most importantly nobody asked! They didn’t even have the decency to put a spoiler warning.

I know first world problems but whatever it’s annoying and inconsiderate. Who does that?

Do I go around spoiling things for people who only watch One Piece and don’t read it? No! Because that would be a shitty, inconsiderate thing to do. Honestly I’m so tempted to find the story they love and to spoil it for them (does this happen in Friends? I feel like this was an argument between Rachel and Joey).

I really hate this culture as now I don’t want to watch the mini videos on YouTube anymore. I enjoy watching those videos because when I watch anime I’m on my own so it’s a way for me to interact with other fans and to laugh over the funny parts or to gush over the cool parts together.

The people who spoil are taking away from our fun… I beg of you, stop it!

*fumes in Nezuko*

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