Long time no see BTS!

It has been a while since I’ve talked about BTS on my blog. If you look back through my music tab you’ll see that I talked about them a lot in the past because simply I’m a fan. However recently I’ve been looking into other groups but still keeping up with BTS just not talking about them on here.

However, for this recent comeback, I wanted to talk about them again and so I am.

I am not going to pretend like I know all the theories because honestly I’ve low key (high key) been lost since I Need U. I mean music video theories by the way. They’ve always explained the meanings of their songs well but the music videos, been lost since I Need U… y’all remember I Need U, doesn’t it feel like ions ago?

Anyway so this comeback we’ve had videos for two songs: Black Swan and On. In terms of tone they’re very different from each other but in terms of message they follow the same theme.

This is the only comeback where I don’t understand the theme as well but I sort of get it. So correct me if I’m wrong but it’s about the ego and shadow self, how both abide in us and whilst they fight for power, it’s better for them to be balanced.

Oh yeah we also had Suga’s teaser (Shadow) which honestly explained ego/shadow self the best to me.

Anyway let’s talk about Black Swan

I love contemporary dance and so I really like the dance they’ve choreographed for this song. The music video has just been released and I love it!

They’re bare foot, Jimin is getting his life, showing them how it’s done contemporary style… *melts* yes!

Then there’s the imagery of black and white, of the white swan and the black swan although interestingly we only ever see black wings, I don’t think white wings appeared on anyone.

*watches again to check* Yes, no white wings appear. I guess because this song is mostly focused on the shadow self? I mean the lyrics talk about losing the love of music, that it doesn’t affect them anymore, that being the first death. With creative people sometimes we can go through a rut or something can happen to make us just not want to partake in our creative activity. But being creative is a part of us so if we don’t express it, so if we don’t draw or for me write… it feels like something has died.

So in that sense the black wings only make sense for this song. And they only appear on Jimin.

I’ll leave it there.

There’s already a video for Black Swan out (Art Film performed by MN Dance Company) and it was very artistic and dynamic, the way the main dancer moved his body… wow. They were also able to tell the story and to convey the meaning of the song through dance effortlessly.

Anyway because that video was out I was quite surprised to see this music video in my YouTube feed.

It wasn’t a bad surprise though.

Then there is On,

The lyrics are pretty straight forward. Yes, it is hard but they will persevere through the pain and make it to the other side.

The way I interpret that is fame is hard and their life has blown up and there are good and bad things that come with that but through the pain they will make, they can fight and they can do it, whatever it is that they want to do. So it’s like they’re meeting this new challenge of worldwide fame head on and with optimism and determination.

Therefore it’s brighter than Black Swan and that’s conveyed not just through the lyrics but also through the colour scheme of the music videos, both the story one and the Kinetic dance one.

There are fans who are worried about what the military time will do to their music careers but honestly I don’t think it will dent their upward trajection. I mean look at Big Bang, they were big before they went in and they’re still big now. They’re at the point in their career where they can take a break if they want to, they can go to the military for two years and come back and still have fans. I mean they’re worldwide famous, everyone knows them who has the internet or television so yeah… I’m not worried.

In terms of the music video for On there was a lot of biblical imagery with Noah’s ark, the two by two animals and the releasing of the dove after the doors opened. Then interestingly enough there was Lion King imagery with Pride Rock and them climbing it heading to the top.

I think the biblical imagery is self-explanatory if you know the story of Noah and then Pride Rock, I took that as they’re becoming the new kings of the land. Because the way they climbed it reminded me of the way Simba climbed it as the rain washed away the horror of Scar’s reign and then they all roared signalling the beginning of Simba’s reign *chills*.

Ooh both stories signify a new beginning! After the floods Noah and his family were the only humans alive and essentially God started over with them.

So take from that what you will.

I’m sure there are varying theories and interpretations out there.

One thing though that touched me was as the video ended they had the words ‘No More Dream’ up which is the title of their debut song which talked about how kids at that time had no dreams and were living like clogs in the educational system and they were urging kids to have dreams (Suga even references his rap lyrics from that song in Shadow… how was it seven years ago? That freaks me out!) and then the words are erased until only ‘Dream’ is left.

Y’all they’ve reached their dream! They are the kings of the land. When Jungkook was running up all I got from his face was happiness and achievement.

Wow, just to see them achieve all their goals from 2013 to now. I watched them debut man… it’s amazing and mind boggling. It shows you what hard work and taking the opportunities given to you can do.

They sacrificed free time to work towards their dream. They didn’t do most of the things kids/young men their age did. Heck Jungkook even took a year out of school when they debuted like… *speechless*

I’m very happy for them and all they’ve achieved so far.

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