NCT 127 Kicking Comeback

That was cheesy (referring to the title) but I had to do it… I had to!

NCT 127 is back and SM has been doing the most with this comeback. This is my first comeback with 127 so perhaps SM always does the most so I don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been enjoying it, especially the mini music videos and the fact that Haechan’s 37.5% cam got its own official corner in the form of a radio show! Finally! He’s been promoting his show for ages it feels like.

However this is a music corner so I shall be talking about my favourite songs this comeback. Before that let’s talk about the title song, Kick it!

It is Bruce Lee themed which is new for kpop and I thoroughly enjoyed that. It enabled them to be badass in the music video and to have fun also, to totally immerse themselves in the concept.

During the break between Superhuman and Kick it, I did think, “What will their next song be like?” I honestly could not predict it and Kick it did not disappoint.

It’s definitely dynamic with slowed down elements in the song, which sounds about right for NCT 127 however at the same time it doesn’t sound like any of their other title tracks. It’s definitely a new sound.

In terms of the music video, I saw great form! As a martial artist I was most pleased. And as a woman with a slight Johnny bias, I was most pleased with all of his scenes from him being topless to him drawing blood and taking names… he’s thriving! Also I cannot not mention Jaehyun, why does he keep coming for me? Coming for us all? He needs to stop.

(Stop baby don’t stop… I’ll see myself out)

Anyway moving on to my favourite songs of the album based on the mini music videos they released.

Love Song 우산

It’s a chill song with a unique beat. The beat was the first thing that drew me in to the mini music video.

From what I’ve heard it feels like the perfect song to listen to when going for a walk. Or even going on a chill car ride. But more walking music… do you ever just listen to music as you walk? I always do.

I like the yellow theme of the mini mv and the plants as umbrellas… that was cute. Speaking of cute I also liked the scene between Mark, Jungwoo and Haechan where they lean on his shoulder and Mark walks off like, “Nah bro, not today.”

Moving on…

Mad dog (Taeyong and Mark)

I knew this was my song the moment Mark started rapping. At first I wasn’t sure but then he came in with his verse like, “Girl who you fooling, you know this is your vibe!” And it is. It is most definitely my vibe.

It has a weird beat breakdown but I like it. I was won over and you can be sure I will try to twerk to it.

In the mini mv Mark’s pet saga continues. This time he got to feature his dogs (not really his dogs … nctzen joke that I like). However I feel like it was a missed opportunity to feature bulldogs. I mean, this song was made for them.

Also Mark’s sitting in the driving seat and yet not driving (as he doesn’t have a license) saga continues. When will he finally drive in an mv? *gazes off into the distance in deep thought*


So yeah those are the songs I liked. I also quite liked Boom and 백야 White Night.

This Neo Zone era feels like it belongs to Johnny (because as I said he’s thriving), Yuta (my beautiful man… we got to hear more of his voice) and Haechan (he’s feeling himself) and it’s a joy to watch!

What are your favourite songs?

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