Being an Empath Series: Dance/Music

So before I talked about not knowing how to unwind after absorbing people’s emotions.

When you’re an empath you are attuned to people but often you can get overwhelmed and there are people who are energy vampires who like to prey on empaths. But then there are also people who are draining to be around.

I talked about how I was overwhelmed and just wanted to be by myself so I wouldn’t have to deal with that for a while. I was also wondered how I could unwind.

So since then I have rediscovered my love for dance! *extravagant flourish of my arm*

I love to dance! Most of the societies that I joined in Uni were dance societies. I joined the belly dancing society, Fab, Hip Hop society ooh and the ballroom society although I couldn’t afford all of them so I mostly ended up going to belly dancing and Fab.

I had the best time doing those societies. The only ones that topped them were Korean Society (long story) and S.T.A.R. (it was rewarding).

So given that history you would think that I would know dance is one of the keys to my happiness but no I forgot. I remembered recently when I was trying out my new Bluetooth headphones. Then as I was dancing I was like, “Wow… I love dance! This is so therapeutic, why haven’t I done this in so long?”

I could literally feel the stress and bad energy flow out of me. So yes, dance is one key.

Another is music in general. So if I’m unable to dance like I’m on the bus or something music can help clear my mind and my energy.

I’ve really been feeling the absence of music since my battered and weathered iPod finally broke.

*wails* urgh! It feels awful! I just want to walk around listening to music or to lie in bed listening to music as I unwind at the end of the day!

If I’m at home there’s always my phone (because Wi-Fi plus YouTube equals music) but it’s when I leave my house that I’m music-less. Ironically it’s when I’m outside that I need music the most whereas when I’m indoors I simply want it.

*sigh* broke problems. I’ll make do.

But anyway at least now I know what soothes my soul, music and dance!

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