Sanji and Zoro (reupload)



So I am finally 100% caught up on One Piece. I have been for a while and it’s a great feeling. I like the anime but I prefer the manga.

So as you fellow manga readers know we are currently in the Big Mom arc and it is soon coming to an end. What do you think will happen when they are reunited with their crew?

There are people who think Sanji won’t be forgiven. I’m not one of those people. He did what he did to save them and he tried his hardest to free himself but when he saw he couldn’t he tried his hardest to not get his crew dragged down with him.

So I don’t think he’ll be kicked out and I don’t think Zoro will object to him coming back. Contrary to popular belief I actually think they are friends. Not all friends say sweet nothings to each other, there are different kinds of friendships people!

I do however think that Zoro will be mad. Sanji kept his background a secret. I read a theory somewhere that Sanji was always aware of his family trying to find him so he deliberately avoided having his picture taken for the ‘Wanted’ poster. So I think Zoro will be mad because Sanji did not tell the crew. That is my theory. I thought I’d put it out there and see if I’m right.

Is anyone excited for the Kaido arc? It kind of makes me nervous. Man looks tough. What will the conclusion be? Oda has already promised it’ll be an epic battle. I just want the crew back together again to be honest. I enjoy the adventures but I like it when they’re all together.

I would also like them to kill it! I mean Sanji hasn’t had a chance to shine yet. But perhaps he will at the end of this Big Mom arc. I think he hasn’t been able to defeat his brothers and father because it’s not in him, he loves them despite himself or rather there’s something stopping him. However with enemies who don’t come with that emotional baggage I believe he will murk it!


So this is a re-upload…. and I was right! They didn’t fight… well we’ll see but I stand by my guns.

If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I have another blog and I thought the manga posts on there are better on here as the other blog is more about my books and being an author and poetry. 

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