Unrealistic Optimism

This year I have been on the realistic optimism journey. I have a whole post where I talk about it and everything. Basically I am going to consciously think positively despite whatever happens in the world without being unrealistic.

However I was having random thoughts and I realised there are things that I am unrealistically optimistic about. I have no idea why and how it came to be but I just am.

One thing is I am weirdly optimistic about having friendships with people I don’t know.

So we all have our favourite celebrities right? And a celebrity can be anyone, not just singers and actors, I mean there are authors and scientists that people love. So I have my own favourites and there are certain individuals, a handful, who I know if I got to know them in a normal way we would totally be friends.

It’s not that I think they’re flawless but rather I just sit there and think, “Yes, this one, we’d be friends”.

It’s weird right? I have no idea why I do that but hey I think it’s neat.

And it’s not every celebrity I like that I think this for. Most I like purely like for their work and I think if we met in normal circumstances we wouldn’t get on or it’d be awkward.

This also happens with people I meet in my daily life. So I am socially awkward and I find it hard to make friends most of the time. However there have been times where I have seen someone at school or at church and I’ve thought, “Yes, we will be friends. We will be good friends”. And I just go to talk to them and lo and behold we become friends! Really easily in fact.

I think it’s a vibe I pick up on, a potential friends of Gift vibe.

I am also unrealistically optimistic about certain skills. For example, I think I would be a great dancer and a great drummer if I had the opportunity to learn. I’m honestly waiting for the day I can pay for drumming lessons.

The dancing thing might not actually be that unrealistic as I dance a lot and I am good. I could be great though…

So I was thinking about all this and laughing (good naturedly) at myself and I realised… hmm, perhaps it not a bad thing to be unrealistically optimistic from time to time.

There are times where it’s bad as I talked about in my other post but there are times where it’s good.

A bad example would be not keeping in mind that I can be wrong about people. No matter how good I am at reading people and their vibes I am still human and I can get it wrong. (FYI that’s only ever happened once… So yay me, 9/10 times I’ve read the vibes right!)

A good example is manifestation. The act of speaking into existence what you want in your life. I believe there is truth to manifestation which is why I also decided to speak positively to myself and about myself. However sometimes I feel like what I’m saying in my mind or out loud is unrealistic. In those moments I fight myself.

Like for example I want my books to sell and for people to like the stories and I think it would be so cool if the people whose music I review read my stuff… it feels unrealistic but it could happen.

So when it comes to manifestation I think having unrealistic goals is a good thing. As the more you believe in your goals the less unrealistic they become.

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