Already Past 500

Guess what? I reached 500 blog posts this Tuesday (28th April 2020).

I have written 500 blog posts! On Giftie Speaks anyway. Can you imagine!

It’s a little weird to think that I’ve written so much.

I have a document where I write out my posts before posting it on WordPress because my work used to get deleted when I had iffy Wi-Fi connection and I was in the middle of writing it on WordPress. So on my document I’ve reached 303 pages of writing and I’ve deleted my early posts!

It’s crazy to me but I’m very glad. I’m so glad I have this blog and I have somewhere to share my thoughts and my passions.

I started this blog as a creative outlet as I struggled to find a job writing and this gave me the opportunity to write … for free and for myself with no one micro managing me.

So yeah I’m thankful for this platform and for the blogs I have discovered and am now a fan of. I’m thankful for my friend who encouraged me to just go ahead and make a blog.

I am also thankful for you reading whether you just swing by occasionally or read everything I post, thank you.

I shall carry on onwards! To 1000!!


Imagine if I reach 1000 at the same time as Oda reaches 1000 chapters… *le gasp*

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