Fresh Gem – Chungha – Stay Tonight

Chungha is back! And I am still a fan. In fact, it’s official now. I stan Chungha, ugh, her music is just everything and her stage presence, yaaas!!

She’s gearing up for a full blown comeback and she’s really treating the fans as not only will she have a title track release as always but she also released this pre-release music video for Stay Tonight.

I love it, I love the song.

Remember KNK’s song Sunset and how much I loved it? (If you don’t here’s the blog post where I talked about it). This song gives me the same vibes as that song. In that it’s a sultry club number. It feels like a sultry song you’d play for a runway show or for a Fenty show. Whatever genre this is, I love it.

And the dance! It’s obvious by now I love dance and Chungha always delivers. She’s a really good performer and always delivers the same vibe as the song.

In this I loved that she had both male and female dancers, in make-up, killing KILLING the dance! And they were waacking… I need a moment.

I was in heaven. My favourite dance performance video out is of course the music video but also the one on Studio Choom. It was pure art, that’s all I’ve got to say. It took me back to being mesmerised by N’s dance performances.

So yes, I loved this pre-release and I am even more hype for the main track.


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