Music Corner: Apink – Dumhdurum

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Apink comeback. They are one of the few second gen girl groups that are still around and kicking. So many of my favs have disbanded or just disappeared into thin air but not Apink! They’re still here like seven year curse who?

The disrespect they got last year was disheartening so to see them come back and SLAY in this comeback!! Y’all… y’all… I am so happy for them.

They got like what six wins?

Just… I need a moment.

And I’m back!

First of all Bomi and Namjoo have slayed this song. In each performance they be feeling themselves. They did not come to play and I love to see it! They owned the dance.

Speaking of the dance it is very feminine, it is fun and has intricate dance moves (see magic hands feature). They also uploaded a mirror version of their dance practise so if that’s not an invitation to learn the dance I don’t know what is.

The outfits I have also loved. I like how they explore all aspects of femininity from the girly, fresh and airy looks to the sexy, classy, black outfits. The vibe is very bohemian, ‘spring is coming’ vs. I’m classy and sexy and I’m going to have fun tonight.

I love the song itself. It’s a dance song that gives me old school club song vibes. When I was growing up there was this genre of music, I always associated it with club music or just dance music and it was really good. This song reminded me of that.

It’s definitely catchy and the transition from soft to upbeat is smooth and not jarring. I like that.

I also like how they look like they’re into the performance and like they’re genuinely enjoying themselves. That makes the song more fun.

In terms of lyrics the song is about a difficult break up. They’re, Apink, sad and miss their boo but are determined not to show that to their boo. They’d rather show that they are healing and moving on. A realistic look at post break up mind-set I think.

So yeah, from top to bottom I love this comeback!

What did you think?

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