Music Corner: Solar – Spit it Out

It’s her solo debut y’all!! Get your radishes ready!!

So I’ve been looking forward to her solo debut. She’s the last of Mamamoo to have her own solo song and the others have put out quality music.

I will admit she surprised me with this song. I thought she was going to make a belt it out number that would be very jazzy but she didn’t. I feel like I’m the only one who’s surprised so perhaps she’s talked about what kind of music she’d release if she had the chance before and I missed it.

So the song is chiller than I expected. It has a slight Latin feel with the beat and it feels sultry because of the way she sings it in a lower register.

I definitely like the beat. I am a sucker for Latin beats; it’s one of the quickest ways to get me dancing. I also like how the song builds with each verse towards the bridge and the ending chorus.

The music video is cool. I like the dancing and just the confidence she exudes. And I love the outfits from the purple claw gloves to the green onion (leek?) dress.

She also went all out in the music video by going bald. She wanted to lay herself bare and to show her true raw self. If you’re thinking she really shaved her head, she didn’t but it does look very realistic.

I’ve seen a lot of comments inspired and loving the look. I’ve also seen people feel represented, seen and heard by her deciding to unapologetically go bald in her own music video. As it’s rare to see bald female artists, especially in kpop.

It’s fitting that her music video has had such an effect as the lyrics speak about confidence in going for what she wants and being who she wants to be. The whole song is a confident woman’s anthem.

My favourite lyrics are: “The words I can get as much as I try to get, I always heard from my mom since I was young.”

I love the message of the whole song to be honest. We all need moms like Solar and if we don’t have them then at least we have people like Solar and Lizzo spreading positivity through their music.

What did you like most about this debut?


Ps: I also like the beginning bit before the song. Is that from another song on her album or is it just an intro? I haven’t checked out the album yet.

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