Remember my Name


You were singing the song weren’t you? Don’t lie… I see you.

Anyway, in Greek mythology, Achilles is lured to war with Troy not because of his bro code with Menelaus, nope! He’s lured because he’s told if he goes he’ll be remembered forever; even when he dies his name will live on but he will die there. If he had stayed home and not gone, he would have had a good life but he would not have been remembered through the ages.

It’s interesting because in the end Achilles is remembered. All the names of those men who went to war and the woman who supposedly caused it, Helen, their names live on until today, many, many years later.

You may think that Achilles’ mind-set is archaic and we’ve out grown that need to be remembered but I don’t think so.

I mean that fame song is a modern product. The lyrics go: remember my name, fame, I want to live forever, I want to learn how to fly, high!

I want to live forever in the minds and hearts of people.

Nobody likes to be forgotten. Nobody likes to be ignored. Back in Ancient Greek times that was the only way their name could live on, through their heroic feats or through the passing of their knowledge.

Nowadays it is very easy to be remembered. We write, we have endless records, books and digital media. If you put something on the internet it never truly dies. We have pictures and film to capture people forever.

However there are more people on this planet than ever before. Every market is oversaturated with talent that it makes it hard for individuals to stand out. Like Achilles we find people making decisions out of recklessness and pride, so that they’ll be seen and heard and remembered.

But like I said I believe everyone wants to be seen, to be heard and to be remembered. Even I want to be remembered. To be acknowledged in this world and to know my existence actually made a difference, a good difference. I want that.

But when I think about it I realise most of us will not be known worldwide. We won’t go unnoticed but we may not get known worldwide. When people realise this that’s when desperation can kick in. But then I think of Achilles and I realise, perhaps the quiet life isn’t so bad. Even he regretted going to Troy for fame when he lost what was dear to him (and he saw what a dick Agamemnon was… ok that may be my own feelings… I couldn’t stand him).

I also think of how many people are famous in this world but I don’t know them. They’re famous in their own niche. They have people who love their books or their music. Or maybe even a nurse who’s well liked at the hospital she works at by staff and by the patients.

There are so many people who touch many lives that I will never know because in truth true worldwide fame is very rare.

Also worldwide fame is overrated. As BTS has risen to fame I’ve been happy for them because they worked hard, like legit they’ve barely taken breaks since 2013. Now that they’re worldwide famous their music is reaching the whole globe. However now they have less privacy, people don’t see them as the humans they are and they can’t date freely without it being a problem.

Also fame can be very demanding. In Michael Jackson’s last days he was not well and he should not have been performing but he couldn’t stop. How many fans would have been mad at him if he’d decided, “Nah I’m sick y’all I’m going to the hospital and you’ll get refunded”? A lot of fans would’ve been mad!

So in conclusion, yes I would like to be remembered. I would like to make a positive difference in this world. I need my existence to have positive meaning. However I don’t need or want worldwide fame. I am content with being known in my own little niche.

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