Satisfying Relationship Development – I Hate You More Than Anyone

I will talk about this manga, I Hate You More Than Anyone soon but first I have to finish it. It’s not that I’m a super slow reader but more like it’s not that available in English. There are thirteen volumes but I’ve only read up to vol. seven and I’ve just found eight and nine and the rest aren’t translated but I found them and got em. So yeah, wish me luck.

However I did want to talk about Honjo and Senko. I love their relationship! There is something about them that has me invested in how it’ll turn out. It was such a nice surprise as well. I knew there’d be romance between Maki and Kazuha but I had no idea Banri (the mangaka) would put together Honjo and Senko. I was delighted.

Honjo is my favourite character and Senko delights me. She’s so wacky and confident it’s fun. 1043945

They first meet in volume two and it’s an interesting meeting. She’s interested in Maki but knows he’s interested in Kazuha and so she gets a little tipsy because she can’t handle her drink. She eventually falls asleep and Honjo picks her up and places her on his bed (they were at his house) with Kazuha looking after her (they’re friends).

Now Maki and Honjo are 24 and Senko and Kazuha are 17. I found the age gap little weird but I’ve seen in it in a number of mangas so I’m thinking it’s not that weird in Japan. To be honest it’s not that weird in England either (where I live) with the legal age being 16. It would be weird in America though.

And that’s basically it for volume two. So the spark didn’t happen here for Senko. For Honjo who knows it could have been here, the man is hard to read. That makes it all the more fun for me as I try to see where the interest started.

In volume three they bump into each other once and Kazuha is there too. Senko is a bit standoffish but Honjo isn’t, he even smiles (smirks). This is when I started to suspect that they’d become a thing. She actually got under his skin (I thought) and he drove her crazy. I was intrigued *strokes chin*

Volume four, oh the moments started in earnest! First she accompanies Kazuha to Honjo’s salon (his mother’s salon but that’s neither here nor there). In this volume Senko is truly giving up on her crush on Maki as he isn’t into her.

The second moment he runs into her is at this park with swings. Side bar: the park is always empty when any of the main characters go there. Anyway he finds her with her hair stuck in the chain, he helps her get her hair free and ends up talking to her. He calls her out on the nature of her feelings for Maki and asks her what she wants. And he comforts her. How sweet. That scene also involved a heart-skip-a-beat moment.

In the end she finally confronts Maki and tells him how she feels or felt. She’s over it but still sad over the lost love. She plays it off like she’s fine though and goes home by herself. Maki asks Honjo to check up on her and he does. He finds her at the train station and she’s defensive but he’s just there for her in his own way and that works. Romance aside I was happy Senko got to cry it out with someone. She’s so focused on being strong all the time it’s good she let someone comfort her.

Volume five, Kazuha, Maki, Mizushima, Manami and Honjo are out having dinner and they run into Senko and her friends. Her friends leave and Senko runs into some trouble so Kazuha insists she eats with them and has Honjo take her home (*smirk* heh Honjo). Honjo then makes sure to invite her out on the day of Mizushima and Manami’s wedding.

Then of course we have the wedding arc, with Honjo doing her hair (it is partly a manga about hairdressing… they call that slice of life manga right?) and he even got her dress. Like ooh, even Kazuha starts to suspect something may be bubbling and that’s saying something!

Volume six, there are only two moments in this volume *pout*. The first they pass each other as she’s walking home and he’s going to work or coming from work. He makes her blush and she makes him laugh (Banri sowing the seeds). The second moment is Senko thinking about Honjo, she can’t get him out of her mind (smirk).

Volume seven, this one has numerous moments. So in this volume Senko starts to suspect that there’s something more to Saki than meets the eye. But the only one she can talk to about it is Honjo. So she goes to his house and finds him asleep round back on the porch. This was probably the sweetest moment so far on Senko’s side. Her heart starts to open and she sees that Honjo is not as bad as she thought. She goes to talk to him about Saki but they spend most of the time drinking tea and going out to eat lunch and then coming back and drinking tea again. She got caught up in Honjo’s pace. Oh and he does tell her about Saki. It was a nice couple moment without them actually being a couple.

So there you have it, all the moments! It was fun for me to see these moments happen as the story progressed. Having a good main character is a given but so is having a strong supporting. Honjo and Senko are definitely strong supporting characters, so strong that they sometimes steal the show for me.

So have you read this manga? Did you too like the relationship development of Honjo and Senko?



This is a repost as I have deleted my secondary site. I am slowing releasing the posts I liked from there here. It’d be much for me and you if I just dumped them here all at once. 

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