Fruits Basket – Male Edition (Spoilers & Reupload)

Now it’s time for me to talk about the men of Furuba. You’ll notice that there are more men on my list than there were women on my other list. I apologise, I didn’t write the lists with numbers in mind, I just went with the flow of who I liked.

You’ll also notice that the majority are Sohma; again that’s just how it happened.

Without further ado, let’s talk about some manga characters.

Oh and of course there will be spoilers.

Sohma Kyo

He’s one of the male protagonists. He goes on the biggest journey. Takaya san really saved some bombshells about him till the last few volumes. It was a journey and a half!

He started off a white belt in expressing himself and interacting with others to becoming a black belt… I’m so proud!

He’s a favourite of mine because of his spirit. He’s pure, fun and honest. He’s lovely but kind of awkward so he doesn’t always express it how he wants.

He lived with a heavy curse and yet he was still standing. I mean Kazuma dono was there for him and that definitely helped but wow. He has an inner strength.

He’s a character I rooted for the most alongside Rin. He had suffered so much pain… I just wanted him to experience something other than pain. I wanted him to forgive himself. Basically Tohru and I became one by the end of the manga. We just wanted Kyo to be happy.

He was cute too, I don’t know what it is about Manga-ka’s but they sure can draw!

Sohma Yuki

He came from a weak place to a strong place, I’m proud of him.

He worked hard to unearth the person he was meant to be! Yes Yuki!

He’s mean, sassy, smart and considerate. When we finally get to know Yuki and his personality he’s the best! I loved getting to know him and seeing him grow into himself.

I also liked him when he was weak. He kept trying and trying and still looked out for others like Hatsuharu, Tohru and Kisa. He’s a good guy.

I did not like the Prince Yuki Fan Club though. They were just annoying and could they not see that they made him lonely in some ways? Being a ‘Prince’ was lonely for him. I’m glad he found friends who let him in and who saw him as a flawed human and not some perfect being they couldn’t talk to.

He grew a lot and we got to know him really well as a protagonist. I quite liked him.

Sohma Hatsuharu

My favourite character! Yes overall Hatsuharu is my favourite.

As refreshing as spring he is unique, quirky and cool. I love his style and his personality. I love how he is so kind and cares for others. He’s a good friend, boyfriend and brother. I think he’s a cool character.

He’s remained my favourite since the first time I read the manga.

I also like his black side. Sometimes he needs to stand up for others or himself. To be honest I just related to that side of him, to both sides really. Who doesn’t have moments when you go black?

He’s an interesting character who is very well drawn… yes very well *sly smile*

Sohma Momiji

The bouncing bunny!

I love Momiji’s optimism. He’s had a hard life but he doesn’t let it get him down. He’s confident, happy and bouncy. He pretty much likes everyone and is kind to everyone. How can you not like Momiji?

He goes for what he wants as well. I admire that. You can’t sit around doing nothing; you have to go for your goals.

My wish is that he got to have a relationship with Momo after the manga ended. I really hope that happened, actually I’m sure it did happen I just wish I could have seen it. If Natsuki Takaya ever makes a bonus Furuba manga I am so down to read it!

Manabe Kakeru

He’s not involved in the Sohma drama but he’s Yuki’s friend. He’s a fun and deep character. He also grows as the series progresses.

I liked what he brought out of people and what he brought to the manga. He brought humour and sunshine in a different way from Momiji.

Also his transformation from a guy who’s so suppressed to a guy so free is the best! A lot of people find themselves having to live up to other people’s expectations. Kakeru says, “Forget that!” and decides to live his own life. That’s such a valuable lesson I feel.

Sohma Hatori

He’s been through a lot. I know I say this about every character but he has.

I like him as he’s quite quiet and appears like he’d be mean but he’s actually really nice. He has to be the responsible adult and we all know adulting sucks.

I like that as the series progressed he got to relax more and to let loose and to not be so responsible all the time. I’m glad that he got to have fun.

If I was in Furuba I’d probably get with Hatori if Hatsuharu didn’t exist. He is definitely what people call ‘husband material’.

He’s also another selfless character. It was nice to see him getting taken care of later down the line.

Sohma Ayame

He’s loud and most people find him annoying, I find him entertaining. I am glad, however, that he learns how to be considerate of others. And I am glad that he finally noticed his brother and decided to nurture that bond. That was one of the best decisions that he made.

It’d be fun to live in his mind. In fact it’d be fun to simply be his friend. It’d be interesting, I’d never be bored. I feel like he’s the kind of person who can be deep but in a weird way.

I feel like he also may have gone through hardships because of his parents that he never talks about… unless he talks about it to Hatori! He’s too interesting! I wonder what their conversations are like. A series on the mabudachi trio would not be amiss.


Those are my favourite male characters, who are yours? What did you enjoy the most about the characters? Comment below!

Until next time, enjoy reading!


This is a repost as I have deleted my secondary site. I am slowing releasing the posts I liked from there here. It’d be much for me and you if I just dumped them here all at once. 

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