Fresh Gem: Taeyeon – Happy

Taeyeon is back and for once my YouTube recommendations were on point this week. I saw she had a new single out and I was ecstatic. It is no secret that I love Taeyeon’s music. It resonates with me.

She’s back with a song called Happy and the first time I listened to it without the subtitles I thought it was a light song. It’s sweet but not overly sweet and feels relaxing to listen to. It also feels like a breath of fresh air for my brain.

So musically I like the song. It’s not too sad and it’s not too cute.

The second time I listened to it, it was with the subtitles and it turned out to be a love song. I should have seen that coming but weirdly I didn’t. It’s a standard love song about being happy with the person you are with.

It’s nice really. It’s straight to the point and it feels good to listen to. Honestly this is the kind of song I would use if I were to ever get married.

However the music video got me thinking about my current love, spring! All those flowers blooming, her singing in a flower field and lying down in it… so for me this song is about the love between me and spring. It’s kind of fitting as well as I went out for my allowed walk today. The sun was out and the flowers were blooming ready to say hi.

In the context of Taeyeon and her song spring can also represent the blooming or the flourishing of her love.

That is all,

did you like the song? Check it out if you haven’t already.

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